Book Review Can Love Happen Twice?

Post a day 2011

Title: Can Love Happen Twice?

Author: Ravinder Singh

Publisher: Penguin metro reads

Age Group: 16+

ISBN: 9780 1434 17231

One thing that I realized, rather say my readers made me realize is that, somewhere unintentionally in my last book review for Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020; I disclosed a little bit too much of the story. So learning from my mistakes, this time I’ am not getting into the story part-at all.

The day I heard that Ravinder Singh’s new book is coming this December, I ordered it instantly. Thanks to an online story, they delivered the book today at 3PM, though; I was expecting that the book would come to me after 20th. I started reading this book at 3.30 and completed it at 7.30, 2 hrs prior to my target of 9.30. Singh’s last book was; I too had a love story. The book was a bestseller and it really touched my heart. Even today, a lot of times, I go back to the book and read the last 50 pages again and again.

 I was not counting on Singh, for another book. I really thought that he would not come up with another book. May be because I accepted the story of I too had a love story as his life story. I wonder if that was his life story or mere fiction.

Let me come to Can Love Happen Twice now

The book takes you through life of Ravin, after Khushi left him.

Ravin’s, efforts to start a new life. (And this is the maximum part of story I can share with you.)

The book talks about Ravin’s new love life, planning to marry the new girl in his life and losing the strings. The book is filled with great dialogues. This book does not make you emotional a lot of times as mentioned at the back of the book “an emotional roller coaster.” Take my words it is not a great emotional roller coaster. At one time yes it is but not to a greater extent.

This book shares a lot of funny moments, which makes you laugh. It is light love fiction, but is not following the trend of the market. The book does not have the major characteristics of a fiction novel, which we usually see; the continuous use of word F#ck, the love making scene, those one line wonders. It is a clean love story. Somewhere in this book, Singh, missed out on making sure that the readers stick to the book. In his last book I was glued to see what happens next. But here-in it was not like that. The book takes up a major issue prevailing in our society; the issue of choosing to live abroad, away from family. The issue in broader sense brings forward a women’s prospective, her dreams to marry the man of her choice, but by making the love of her life, leave behind- his parents and dreams. The story takes you through a couple; who loves each other and chooses to marry each other, but, with certain conditions laid down by women; condition not acceptable by a men. The above issue as talked about by Singh, in his novel is really credible. He has really given fire to a new set of discussion in our society. The condition laid by women to live alone, without men’s family, to enjoy the privacy all through day-and-night.

This book has a simple, little, sweet love story which does ‘end’ on a sad note but with a clear message of a happy ending. I’ am hoping that Singh is planning a trilogy. Soon, may be in another 1 yr or so, there would be another book by Ravinder Singh. And he will then continue the story and end it in that book. That book, I believe would bring an end to the story.

In my final words, I would suggest, read this book at least once; with no great expectations

Disclaimer: The age group mentioned is based on my judgment. This is no suggested by author or publisher.




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Aditya Bhasin hails fromIndia,Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an introvert person who is trying to be an extrovert by all possible means. + + + + + + + = /meadityabhasin


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31 thoughts on “Book Review Can Love Happen Twice?

  1. But Aditya, I feel this book is a little inhuman. I dont know whether many feel this way but, the way Ravin showed his love for Khushi( and vice versa) in the previous book does not explain as to why he would choose another lady after her so called ‘beloved’ fiancee’s accidental death. I was immensely touched by reading his previous book but I dont evel feel like reading this sequel after hinting his mentality. By the way, I agree to the points you have mentioned! Please let me know your view!

    • Hey Akash ! Thanks a ton for reading.

      I share just the same view as you. I’ve mentioned myself in post that this book is a fiction and not a real story.

      There is no doubt that the first book was a gem to read and it continues to be my favorite. And about the mentality part I think we should not raise a question on that. Everybody has to move on in life and same goes for Ravin. His second work is a mere book and not a life story like his first book. And we should take it in that sense only.

      As I mentioned in post, I think Singh is planning a triology. I am counting on his third book in series in month of December. I am sure he would potray Ravin as a happily married guy by then. And we cannot deny that he is taking instances from his own life and making them a part of his books.

      FYI: Ravinder Singh recently got married.

      Feel free to revert back for more. 🙂

  2. Dis novl hd rly bot me 2 so many cnfusions..i read it last nyt..smthng hd chokd me insyd..dunno wat n y? D whol nyt i was thinkng bot ravin in d novl..simar’s lov 4 him ws just materialstc..c got in love 4 ravin wen c read his 1st novl..dat was love out of sympathy..nt tru love.if c wud hd lov’d ravin c wud nvr hd imagnd 2 live him ol was dat of khusi n ravin,nt ‘f simar n ravin..i think dis nvl s jus a dn ravin u rly bot tears into my eys in d last fw pages..its rly present generatn story.jus hope u pen dwn a novl whch themes at ur

    • Hi Kriti,
      Thanks for sharing your views on this blog;appreicate that.

      I also understand that you’re feeling emotional about Singh’s both the books but you need to accept the reality. The first book was a real story where this book is mere fiction.

      You should not let events of fiction book, effect your life.

      B strong. Be happy.

      Keep coming back.

      Aditya Bhasin

  3. Ravin’s first book is a great one where he spiritualises love without the slightest sign of sensuality.The second one is a commercialisation whrere whims,sensuality and alcohol overtake real,pure emotion.The first one has a sense of eternity about it,the second one a forced attempt at love and at writing for that matter.

  4. I completed reading this book.. last n8..!!! it was nice…but my expectations were more,,, frm this buk.. anyway..!! i liked this boookk..!!!! hats off.. 2 ravinn..!!! waiting.. for d next book of ravin..!!

  5. itzz natural that if we get best then we hope for next best thing once again and that increase our expectation over that such thing.. and here is the same happen with ravinder singh new novel,. can love happen twice.. alone it is a best novel but if comparing wid his first one “i too had a love story” it doesn’t stands infront of first one.. second novel is not as good as the first one but not too much bad also… i think this novel make a different queue from other routine fiction novels.. i like reading this novel.. and hats off to ravinder singh for his wonderfull and dare writing… thankzz aditya for ur views about this novel and m totally agree with u also…

    all the very best…

  6. I read the book yesterday; it was nice but not as good as first one. I read the 1st one thrice back to back (although I really don’t read a book 2nd time).
    But I didn’t felt the same way about this one.
    According to me first one was far better; I was not able to relate to this one same way.

    • Well, I read the last 50 pages of his first book again n again.

      And like you I also share the same idea that this book stands nowhere to I too had…

      Thanks for reading my blog. Keep coming back.

  7. Hi aditya
    after reading the 2nd book, im feeling the same way u felt and i cnt believe that this book is based on real story. ravin’s 1st book is one of my fav but this one in not that good.
    love ur review.
    keep writing.
    god bless.

  8. i hv complted d buk….i m a huge fan f ravin
    aftr readng i too hd a luv stry my xpectatns wre highhh…bt i lvd can lv hpn twice bt it ws nt as gud as i too…
    i want to know IS Can Luv Happen Twice REAL OR FICTION??????????

    • Well, after reading I too… Even my expectations were very high. And if you would have read intro to hi new book it says that its real n fication.

      And I belive its clear fiction wid added personal experience. Its difficult to imagine that it real. Becaus if it was all true then -he would have never been to ISB.

      Keep coming back.
      Aditya Bhasin

  9. Hello sir….!
    My self avishek
    i wanna say u that i had read ur book “i too had a love story” on my way from mumbai 2 delhi i had completed that novel in 3 hrs in my flight …..
    Now coming 2 novel it was awsm actualy more then awsm…..
    I had not imagine that does any love story ends like that…..
    Salut 2 u sir u r a great man….n i also want 2 be a writer hw 2 start sir can u plz help me out……

    Your fan

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