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Post a day 2011

What a day it was!  I liked it. I loved it.

Today, I went for my first IndiBlogger blogger’s meet. And it was real fun. I never thought that this meet would turn out to be so cool and happening. Because it was my first chance to see people behind IndiBlogger and behind those blogs I read everyday, I was super exited. Since morning I started tweeting about this meet and I was rewarded for that (what reward I got is something I’ll share later in this post.)



When I reached this place, I was among very few people, who reached their on time. Firstly I met Arvind Passey and Harsh Snehanshu. What to say about Arvind Sir, his enthusiasm was superb, he was meeting everyone, he was making sure that he make more of ‘Blogger’ friends and what not. In front of us was a big screen showing all the people, coming in the hall, regular tweet updates. I took a lot of space on that screen by tweeting almost every minute. Some people even scribed on my back. (See photos)

The start of meet for me and for many other bloggers was on happy note. I got myself an HP 4GB Flash drive as a gift. (This answers the thing mentioned above, about tweeting and all.)

In later part, we were given a presentation on HP Cartridges and how to recognize original HP cartridges and blog post as-well. 


The meet continued and so does the fun. And then came 30 seconds of fame, where we were supposed to speak a little about ourselves. When it came to me I almost forgot that I was suppose to say something, I came prepared from home.

 “Well guys as my T-Shirt says I am famous but no one knows me yet”

JBut, unfortunately I missed that part. May be next time, I’ll wear the same T-shirt.

We also had a fun game lined up, where we were suppose to scan OR codes and find dHPOriginal in those codes, we were a part of team named ‘Qrazy bloggers in a Q of 20’. We won the treasure hunt and the whole team won themselves; HP Flash drivers. And guess what I got another HP Flash drive as a prize.

We had our lunch, tea, talks over tea there itself. And then we were handed over with these white sheets to tag on our neck, so that everybody could scribble whatever they want, without letting us know, who wrote what (Unless they wrote their name along.) I wrote at back of lot of bloggers and lot of them wrote on my back.

our IndiBlogger T-Shirts, clicked photos and bid farewell.


After this we had a debate session. (Read shit session) I became Diggi Singh and other fellow bloggers became Kapala Sibaala, Mark Zuckerberg, Google People, Yahoo people. And because I was Diggi- The jackA*s, I talked shit and so does Kapala.

Here are few shitty things, Diggi talked about

“We should ban social media, because this will help building Ayodhya Mandir”

“Well… I’ am talking on media, so I can’t say whether I like Sunny Leone or not, Madam ji may hear this”

“If we ban twitter, Anna Hazzare will stop going on fast”

As this debate got over, guess what, we all got HP Flash drives as a prize. And to make you recall about the count I got three of them- in total. Finally, we got our IndiBlogger T-Shirts, clicked photos and bid farewell.

The whole day at Indimeet was so much exiting and fun. I will always cherish this day, so many new people to meet, learn about their blogs. And yes endless enthusiasm among people to blog. I wonder if you guys will believe it or not the youngest blogger there was of 8 yrs an eldest of 70 yrs.

Well last thing, these IndiBlogger folks, treated us well, gave us good food, a good laugh and lastly a day to remember.




About Aditya Bhasin


Aditya Bhasin hails fromIndia,Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an introvert person who is trying to be an extrovert by all possible means. + + + + + + + = /meadityabhasin


Email: adityabhasin81 (at) (gmail) (.com)





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