Synopsis of my first book

 Post a day 2011

One ‘utmost-important’ thing, I’ve been doing for last 200 days is writing a book. And for the first time in last 200 days I am disclosing this news to all of you through my blog. Very few people are aware of this thing – that I am working on my book. Those who know continue to ask me that when I would publish my book or if I could tell them a little about the story. Till now my answer to them was “I will certainly do that; one day.”


Today, after writing a chunk of my book, I thought I should share the synopsis with you. I’ am not experienced in professional writing. I know, I must have made mistakes, but does that really matter?  I believe NO.

In God’s own country, Kerela lived a boy. His idea to live life was simple, make money, buy everything you want and the world will bow down in front of you. He went to school in Kerela, college inMadrasand even did his maters fromDelhi. Every time anybody asked him that what he wanted to be in his life, his answer was in a phrase “Money Makes the World go around.” He never went well with his family, he always had tussle with them on some or other subject and so was the subject of making life worth living- by making money. His father always wanted him to settle himself with a Government job, the only girl, this guy loved, dumped him. And this is how Danish Sahani was ‘born’.

Welcome to my first book.

Read. Share. Like. Comment. Do what you want, post your ideas, suggestions and feedback. You never know, a part of your idea could be on next page of my book.






About Aditya Bhasin


Aditya Bhasin hails fromIndia,Delhi-an avid reader, who enjoys his cup of tea over it, a racist in purest form as he hates chocolate and coffee. He does not like traveling much, but, if he gets an opportunity to travel he chooses to do that by a train instead of a car or a plane. He is an introvert person who is trying to be an extrovert by all possible means. + + + + + + + = /meadityabhasin


Email: adityabhasin81 (at) (gmail) (.com)




13 thoughts on “Synopsis of my first book

  1. And i wish all the very best to u Aditya. M sure this book will do wonders. Really liked your theme and m sure this will keep the readeds intact. Great going. Good Luck 🙂

  2. they say Rome was not build in a day…. good things need time 🙂 All the best for your first book…

    Love and wishes from a friend


  3. wow.. nice to hear that u r writing a book.. what do i comment? dont take it like chetan bagat’s 2 states..
    cant there be a story without a herioine?? i dont know.. just a feeling.. cant imagine what it would be like.. but just the thought struck me..
    will the story talk abt college days and fun?? or struggle??

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