10 things I’m absolutely certain about

Post a day 2011

Here goes a list of ten things, I’m absolutely sure about. Things that will happen in future or may be things I have in me.

 1) I’ll have 1000 and more book in next ten years

Book has been an eternal part of my life and it continues to be. I would make sure that in next ten years, I have more than 1000 books in my collection, in my own library of books

2) I will complete writing my book

Yes, very few people know that I have a fetish for writing, apart from my blog, I write my daily dairy and I’m writing a book; a book that wish to publish, soon…very soon.

3) No matter, what may happen, I will be successful

In course of life, no matter what I have to come across, good, bad, failure, one thing is sure, I will be successful.

4)     I’m on a path to be well educated, not trained

Above one is a dialogue from movie 3 Idiots. And I choose to live up to that dialogue. I choose to be well educated and not trained.

5)     I’m charismatic in my own way

I’m good the way I’ am. I’ am happy the way I’ am. I know all the good and bad in me. And this is what makes me charismatic in my own way.

6)     I will marry my girlfriend

I choose to marry my girlfriend, my only girlfriend I ever had.

7)     I have never intended to do bad to any one

No matter, what people may say, one thing I’m sure about is that, I have never thought to do bad to anyone.

8)    I never take revenge

I’m not among those people who will screw others life just because, they screwed there lives. I have never taken revenge on anybody and will never think to do so.

9)     I don’t like traveling, but I will choose to take travel

I don’t like traveling, especially beyond my city but only why I will choose to travel beyond my comfort zone would be food. Yes to try food I will travel as long as possible.

10) I know what I want from life

Do I need to describe about this? I think, NO.


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