Because you loved me

Post a day 2011

For last some days, I was reading this book named “Because you loved me” by Ritwik Mallik and I just got over this book and believe me I can say that I just got over some sought of pain, I feel I was been tortured by the author of this book. The last book of Mallik was still acceptable; Love happens like that but this book was pain a big time pain.

I love reading books, of all sought, I don’t choose books on basis of who wrote it and I just read them. I have never really given this thing a thought that who is writing a book, because for me a piece of writing is simply a piece of writing no matter who wrote it. But believe me this book has forced me to check a little about author before I read any of his or her books in coming future.

This book tortured me to all the extent possible. There was no sense of story in this book, the 75% story was revolving around everything else than protagonist. The narrator had no idea what he was narrating, but because he had to narrate something, he did it. There is no sense of dignity left with writer; he has used all sought of Hindi and English abusive words in the book. I wonder why does these authors does not understand that just because they wrote F*** instead of Fuck, will not change the meaning of the word or the intention of writer.

And finally, the biggest moment of joy in this book is when, the book ends.

A big time thumbs down to this book.

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