Left with 2 yrs of life and I choose not to live differently.

 Post a day 2011

I’m left with two years of life; doctors have given their last word, they say that it would be difficult for me to live any more than 2 yrs. Doctors have asked me to do things I always wanted to and live my life fully.

But I choose not to live differently. It’s OK that I’m left with 2 yrs of life only but I think living a different life and doing things differently would make these last 2 yrs of my life more difficult.

Like a lot of you, I also have dreams and aspirations. And I’ am living a life to make sure that those dreams and aspirations are fulfilled. There are a lot of thing I want to do before I die. But because I’m in a situation where I’m not left with a lot of time, I think doing things the way I have been doing till now would be a better option.

In next 2 yrs I will…

dream…which I still do

…love my mom… which I still do

…love my girlfriend… which I still do

eat at the possible place, I could… which I still do

…try and be an extrovert person… which I still do

… do things which I’ve been doing…which I still do

… always smile, in all the situation…which I still do

…think…which I still do

…will not booze…which I still do

…read a lot of books…which I still do

…think that I should study… which I still do

…ignore my mom’s words that I should not eat non veg… which I still do

…think before I speak…which I still do

…no flirt… which I still do

…be nice to everyone… which I still do

…Believe in god… which I still do…

…write blog… which I still do

P.S. There is nothing like 2 yrs left with me or anything. I’m going to live long, this post was just an assumption that how will I do things, if I’m in that situation.


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