I would climb a mountain or run a marathon?

Post a day 2011

 This topic has been suggested to me by WordPress, so I thought to pen down a little bit more about same. And here it is.

If given an opportunity I would love to choose mountain climbing over a marathon. I’m not an adventurous person and may be because I have never really got an opportunity for same, though I’m somebody who would love to explore such an option and try doing these things.  The reason why I will not like to choose marathon is because of missing adventure factor. I mean I can run all most daily, I don’t need a marathon to tell my self, I can also run. But mountain climbing is different; the opportunity of trying this is rare. The risk factor is also high and risk leads to adventure.

Even thinking of doing something like mountain climbing gives me goose bumps. The whole image is already formed in my mind, while I write this. The gear that I will wear, the people I would be surrounded by, the trainer I would be having; I wish the trainer turns out to be the most beautiful girl in the world, guiding me through the whole thing; how romantic no. I mean imagine a hot trainer and a new mountain climbing guy having romance in between, the mountain they’re climbing… The fun would be doubled, no doubt. And it would be more fun when it starts raining and the romantic mountain ‘date’ turns out to be more romantic, and it turns out to a beautiful kiss. I know..I know it is ambitious, but still see turning this possible is very much possible. I will no way get an opportunity to find a beautiful trainer or a girl while a marathon. And even if I find, I would never like to turn it out to be a romantic ‘run’.

Another reason why I’d like to take mountain climbing and not marathon is the end result. Let me compare it a bit, the end result of a marathon would be a sweaty one, drenched in stinky sweat and tired; whereas the end result while climbing a mountain would also be sweaty and tired one but, the fresh air striking my face on that height will make things wonderful and an added romantic talk on the top of that mountain will make things more beautiful.


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