Passport seva project-II

Post a day 2011

Today, I went to the Passport seva office for my passport renewal work, as I disclosed in my previous post. And with this post I would be sharing my experience of been their and getting the work done there. Firstly, the office is based in a mall. Yes you read it correct a passport office is in a mall. The infrastructure was above expectation. Ample parking space, world class waiting area with all the facility’s available. I was told to reach there by 11.30, which I did, after initial security and appointment check, I entered the document checking area, where I was told to wait till 11.55 because they said that my file will not open on their system anytime before 5 minutes to my appointment time. They checked all my documents and verified all the information and issued me a token no. The Photostat facility is available inside the passport seva office itslef along with water and coffee machines. In the same premises they have two computers installed, where one can access all the passport related information.

In the second stage, I entered the waiting area; getting here was not easy too, they have security access control system installed on huddle gate. Till the time one don’t scan the barcode on file, the huddle will not open and after that I was expected to wait in waiting hall, out there 3 Plasma screens were present to call the token no’s, within 5-7 minutes of waiting, my number was called out.

On the third stage, there were more then 25 counters to cater the first level of application. My first application work got over within 15 minutes, my photo was clicked, my documents were scanned, I was asked to verify all my information on a computer screen. The executive taking care of my application was really helpful and she personally made sure that all the things were correct. On the fourth stage, it took me 10 minutes in total along with waiting time to get the documents verified. It was here I saw some senior officials, may be they were recruited directly from Govt. passport office, but believe me they were not working like Govt. officials. They did their job perfectly. And on final stage it took me 20 minutes in total. And finally I was asked to fill a feedback form, in which for but obvious reasons I filled Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Each and every staff at this centre was very helpful and performed their duties in an excellent manner. Big time thumbs up to TCS people. They are simply perfect. And just last thing, as I’m writing this post, I checked about the status on the website, it showed that police verification has started already. Excellent job done again.


2 thoughts on “Passport seva project-II

  1. Hi Aditya
    Which passport seva kendra did you go? Gurgaon or Shalimar place. Also have you received your renewed passport?

    • Thanks fo reading and for your comment.

      Well I went to Shalimar Place. An no I have no rcvd it yet. It takes 30-35 days.

      Though I’ve heard that soon they will dispatch passport in 7 days.

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