Passport seva project

Post a day 2011 

For a long time now, I wanted to apply for renewal of my passport and all I was waiting for was opening of Passport seva centre here inDelhi, till now the applications were accepted online but, one has to go and submit all the documents and do other stuff at the main passport office. The main passport office till now has only been at Bhikajicama palce, but now, thankfully two more offices have been opened up, each at Gorgoan and Shalimar place. With the blog post I’m going to share my experience of filling an online application for renewal of my passport.

The Delhipassport website was not having any specific information about how one can apply for a passport online; it took you to a link which was not accepting Delhiapplications. So after crawling through whole website, I finally found a link to Passport seva ( first thing I said about this website, as soon as it opened up on my laptop screen was “Nice…”

The second thing I tried finding was that who is taking care of this service and website. And the answer, I found was what I was thinking, Tata Consultancy Service. I knew it already because I’ve heard thatChandigarhalso has the same system and had been working perfect there. I registered on the website, with my Email address as my user name. The website was extremely smooth while the whole process of filling that application. It let me save my application, come back and complete it.  At no point, I could not judge that it’s a Government dept. website. Everything requested was on website itself, they have taken all my information and guess what, even the documents; yes they asked me to upload my documents and I did that. With every column that I had to fill on that website, there was a memo already, guiding me that what information needs to be filled up.

The fee calculator worked just perfect, they have mentioned all the possible scenarios in that calculator. The document advisor tool is also very nice and perfectly designed; it provided me all the information about the documents, I could present. And it was the most accurate information; a Govt. website could provide me. Like an example, for phone bill they specifically mentioned that you’re expected to carry one bill for current and one for previous year.

After I submitted my application, I was asked to choose a time for appointment. The date was provided by them and they gave me options for choosing among different time slots. You guys will not believe but, opposite of my expectation that I will get some date in next 5-7 days, I got it for tomorrow itself. As off now I’m all set, I have to be there as per appointment given to me and carry my original docs for verification. Another thing that I must mention is that, the call centre was also good. They were courteous; they shared all the information with me, they were eager to help me and what not. And the funny part was when I called them and started speaking in Hindi; the executive said “I’m sorry; I’m not comfortable with Hindi” And I was like OK…that’s fine. I wonder if that call was routed to Philippians, the new call centre hub, afterIndia.


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