My collection of books

Post a day 2011

With this blog post, I’m going to share the collection of my books with you; with each book I will go ahead and give them my rating out of five.

Othello- William Shakespeare– 4 on five

Halfway House- Mohan Rakesh- 4 on five

Ghasiram Kotwal- Vijay tendulkar- 3 on five

Revolution 2020- Chetan Bhagat– 3.5 on five

Mrs Dalloway- Virgina Woolf- Haven’t read

Rhinoceros- Eugene Ionesco- Haven’t read

Five point someone- Chetan Bhagat- 3 on five

Heart of darkness- Joseph Conrad- Haven’t read

Things fall apart– Chinua Achebe- 3 on five

Frankenstein- Mary Shelley- 4 on five

Gulliver’s travels- Jonathan Swift- Haven’t read

Chronicle of a death foretold– Gabriel Garcia Marquez- 3 on five

My son’s story– Nadine Gordimer- Haven’t read

The rape of the lock- Alexander Pope- 2 on five

The Shadow lines- Amitav Ghose- 3 on five

From Russia with love- Ian Fleming- 4 on five

Look back in anger- John Osborne- Haven’t read

The secret- Rhonda Byrne- Still reading

The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho- Haven’t read

Accidental death of an Anarchist- Dario Fo- 4 on five

The Facebook effect– David Kirkpatrick- Still reading

 The 3 mistakes of my life– Chetan Bhagat- 4 on five

 2 States- Chetan Bhagat- 2 on five

Anotony and Cleoptra- William Shakespeare- 3 on five

Doctor Faustus- Christopher Marlowe- 4 on five

 Gone with the wind- Margaret Mitchell- 3 on five

Paradise Lost- John Milton- 4 on five

The Duchess of Malfi- John Webster- 4 on five

The wife of Bath’s prologue and tale- Geoffrey Chaucher- 5 on five

 Now that you’re rich.. Let’s fall in love- Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja- 1 ofive

One night at call centre- Chetan Bhagat- 1 on five

How do I tell- Kieran Scott- Haven’t read

The Rover- Aphra Behn- 4 on five

The murder of roger ackroyd– Agatha Christie- 4 on five

The last song- Nicholas Sparks- Left reading in between

 Ready for romance- Debbie Macomber- Haven’t read

 She broke up. I didn’t- Durjoy Datta- 3 on five

That kiss in the rain- Novoneel Chakraborty- 3 on five

 Eat Pray Love– Elizabeth Gilbert- Left reading in between

 Stay hungry Stay follish- Rashmi Bansal 4 on five (I still read this book)

Nothing for you my dear- Arpit Dugar- 4 on five

Sunrise- Rosie Thomas- Haven’t read

 A walk to Remember- Nicholas Sparks- 3 on five (Movie is much better)

The white tiger- Aravind Adiga- 3 on five

 Men are from Marks women are from Venus- John Gray- Still reading

20 and still Virgin?- Ankur Dahiya- 1 on five

Love happens like that- Ritwik Mallik- 4 on five

 How to get from where you are to where you want to be- Jack Canfield- 5 on five (I read this book quite often)

 The dairy of a young girl- Anne Frank- 2 on five

 As you like it- William Shakespeare- 4 on five

In next 10 years, I plan to have a collection of at least 1000 books.


10 thoughts on “My collection of books

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  3. The books u hv are mainly the literature books.. u need to work to collect the books.

    “In next 10 years, I plan to have a collection of at least 1000 books.”
    library kholega?
    na.. its good to have a collection f books 🙂

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  5. Really??!!! U gave revolution 2020 more than five point sumone, AND MORE THAN ANNE FRANK!!!……..

    I always felt that five point sumone was probably his best work ( at least the only one worth reading) and Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl is such a beautiful piece of writing……absolutely luv it!

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