One thing I wish I could change about myself

Post a day 2011

I love myself, though I’m not a narcissist. I’m happy about almost everything I have in me, but there is just one single thing, I wish I could change about me. I wish I could improve on that part of my personality.  And the thing is been introvert.

Many of my friend, who will read this will question about me been introvert but the fact is that yes I’m an introvert person. And I don’t get social too often. For an example if I am in a new college with a bunch of new students, whom I don’t know at all, it will be a big time difficult thing for me to interact with them. I will not be brave enough to go and them to initially. And if in case they come and talk to me I will go ahead and speak to them, but in order to open up in front of them fully and to try and make myself a part of them would take hell lot of time.

When it comes to professional interaction, I’m great. It’s like if you’re another blogger and one day we decided to meet at some place to discuss how we can popularize our blog, I would be the star of that meeting. I will not be an introvert person than. But whenever it is about meeting a new person and may be getting a friend out of him or her is a big time problem for me.

 Every time I meet somebody new, I try my level best to be a friend to them or at least try and start a conversation, but in most of situations I end up doing nothing.


3 thoughts on “One thing I wish I could change about myself

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