Friends you must have

Post a day 2011

It’s not always important and healthy to have just one friend, instead look for a bunch of friends, a bunch of friends with all the possible mix and matches. This will make sure that you have great fun all the time. So here goes a list of friends, I suggest you should have on your list.

A fuck buddy or may be a no-string attached friend

A naughty and a good friend always add well to your life. Friends with benefits always suits good for those who does not want to get into a committed relationship. This is also good because both the friends will make sure that the secret does not go out; for their own good.

(P.S. My girlfriend: – Baby, just because I wrote this does not mean that I have a fuck buddy or plan to have. Read again, I’ve mentioned that it for those not in a relationship.)

A 3AM friend

An all time friend is a must thing, friend whom you can call anytime of day to pour your heart out to. From office issues to relationship trouble, this friend of yours must listen to all that.

An office friend

Have a friend who will stand beside you always at office. Who will listen to your office trouble and help you out. A friend who will stand with you always and do the same to that friend, it will make office-a fun place to be at.

A shop around friend

A shopping buddy is must; everybody has their own style of shopping. A lot of you would like to roam for hours and hours and still come back, without buying anything or may be some little stuff. And some would be among those, who know it well what they have to buy and simply hop into a place get the stuff and move out. Make sure to get a friend of your shopping type.


4 thoughts on “Friends you must have

  1. I guess this is a really short description of the kind f friends one should have….. U should add some more types… It seems incomplete to me… I guess u should stretch it a bit more but all the things u’ve written are true.

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