A risk… I’m glad I took

Post a day 2011

This is about February 2011, when I went to Purana Quila; a heritage place here inDelhi. I was along with my friends and roaming around this place and out there we found a door; a closed door. A little bit portion of that door was open and it just clicked in our mind that we should try and get into this place from this open space. We knew that if anybody sees us, we’ll be in a problem. But that was the whole point, we all wanted to take that risk and finally reach the place nobody has access to.

 I along with two of my friends went into that place. It was dark, dusty and stinking.  The visibility out there was zero and we had to manage with the camera flash. Every time we wanted to see something specific we used to click a photograph and than see it on digital camera.  It was like a cave or something that we were walking at. There were stairs going somewhere or else but we opted to take very few of them. But the stairs those we took were real fun. Every time we took one of them, we reached some other level and had fun all together.  And finally we reached the roof of Purana Quila. After exploring all the possible things out there, in that hidden place, we came out and guess what. We were caught by a lady security personnel. And what happened after that is a secret untold.

I also have a video, but I choose not to share that.


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