Five websites I hate to live without

Post a day 2011

As suggested by WP.COM, I’m writing a post that will talk about five websites I hate to live without.

1) is what this world is to me. Like a lot of people out their, this website is what World Wide Web means to me. Since the day I started using internet, I’ve been addicted to this website and everything starts and ends with Google; from school project to finding a download link. I relay on Google. Till 2009 my Email address was on; it is still there. But thanks to Google, they have helped me like anything. Now I operate my Rediff and my web mail Email address directly from Gmail. I have configured both incoming and outgoing Email on Gmail account and it is easy as a cake walk. It’s also not only about Email. Google had given me all the services, I could have thought have and may be registered with different user names on different websites under one roof. I’m a user of Google’s each and every service. And there is no service that I can say is not available on Google. I use Picasa, Docs, Calendar, Books, Link shorten, Bookmark, Reader and list continues. I have also used Blogger, but left using that service, when I realized that WP would be a better blog platform.



This isMeccaof any student. I found Wikipedia few years back and since than I hit Wikipedia almost everyday and almost for everything. From Chaucher to Chetan Bhagat and to BMW, I’ve read all that on Wikipedia. And I continue to follow the ritual. Getting to know about anything under the sun is almost impossible for me or for anybody else without hitting at least once at this place.



They are simply awesome. I thank the day, I joined The interface is little bit difficult, but once you get familiar with it, it’s a place to live forever. They helped me take my blog to another level. The things are much better here than  They have everything expanded, from search handles to no. of hits; they show everything in well elaborated form.


This is not a website; but a domain name owned by me. And how do you guys expect to not to love my own domain name. He is my favorite. Because we live in age of Social media, a domain name is not required to a greater extent; especially when it is only used to re-direct to another page. But still having an own domain name is something special for me. I use this domain to share with people, whom I meet in person and not in virtual world. It’s easy for others to remember. I sometime even say just say “add .in to my name.”


Yes, this is the website. It has not been launched yet so as soon as it has been launched, I will surely write about it here.


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