How I save money

Post a day 2011


Money has always been an eternal part of my life; since the age of 15, when I got my first bank account and ATM card. At very young age, I’ve been through all the good and bad time.  I had hell lot of debt, sometime a lot of extra money. And because I’ve been through this time, one thing that I learned to a great extent was saving money. Even today I spend money like anything. The major chuck goes to mobile bills and Eat-Out.

And today, with this post I’m going to share some ideas, with which I try to save money.

1)      Treasure money

I keep a lot of treasure money. What I do is that I simply keep some cash in some or other book or may be in my jeans pocket. And I try to forget that, I have any kind of money. In most of the cases I’m successful doing that. Its like I will keep this money, and after some time or may be a month or so I will find this money and will start thinking that where does this money came from. And this is why I call it treasure money.

2)     Piggy bank

Does not matter, how much we grow old. Piggy bank is something which remains with one for long time. And it is so with me.  I still have a piggy bank. I keep putting some money into it; regularly. Every time, I find some change in my pocket or anywhere else, I make sure that I put that money in my Piggy bank.

3)     Fixed deposits.

This one is my favorite. Any surplus money that is with me goes to fixed deposit, without a question. I usually get these fixed deposits not because I need to earn interest or anything. But it is because I do not want to spend the surplus money I have.


4 thoughts on “How I save money

  1. hmmmm. …. Treasure money…. i hope u understand that money folded in books does not double it just looses value due to inflation. Better keep it in bank and remember which bank 🙂

    • Hahahah… I will still prefer my Treasure money. Because when my money is at bank, I know that, I have money. On the other hand when I keep it as my treasure money and forget about it, it’s a different feeling whole together.

      Anyways, Thanks for your comment. Keep dropping in.

      Aditya Bhasin

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