100 Years of Delhi

Post a day 2011

 Ever since, I was born, I lived in Delhi; the city which holds a remarkable history, facts within itself. Today not as a blogger, but as a Delhiite, I’m going to talk about 100 glorious years ofDelhi.

Let’s go back into 100 yrs. I was not a part of that generation, nor was my father. But because I belong from the generation of Google and Wikipedia, getting the information of howDelhilooked like in 1911 was not at all difficult.


Gone are the days, whenDelhiused to travel in Tram. Yes, many of you would be thinking that this is some kind of illusion. But the face is that it is not.Delhihad Tram transportation system, and was very successful too. The 15 KM route of Tram was like lifeline ofDelhi; at least till 1963. It was in 2002, when Delhi Metro came and changed the whole idea of living inDelhi. The green channel of transportation brought a lot of changes toDelhifrom infrastructure to economy to lifestyle. Delhi Metro gave the heritage city world class look.

Delhialso became the first city in country to introduce CNG auto rickshaw and later on CNG cars and buses.


Delhi is a city of heritage, not only old Delhi, but New Delhialso has a lot of heritage places. And one among them is India Gate.Indiagate was originally built in 1931, and since than it has been the favorite monument forDelhipeople. Even after eighty years of its existence,Indiagate is still among the most popular ‘weekend’ spot. On a rainy dayDelhipeople does not find anything better thanIndiagate to visit.

Way back in 1911,Delhiused to travel on a horse cart. It was among the most famous transport system, And than in 1951, Bus transport system came in, because city was expanding a better transport system was needed; and this lead to farewell of Tram system. Following the tradition in 2002Delhimetro was started.

In 1911 the home cooked food was the desire of everyone. It was very occasional that people used to eat out. In 1951, the Eating out culture came in and brought the campa cola to everybody’s household.  In 2011 the Momos culture is ruling the city.

Along with Momos came the burger and noodles, but even after thisDelhihas not forgotten the Mugali and Punjabi food.

In 1911 the dressing style was simple. People preferred wearing Dhoti-kurta and saree. Wearing turban was also in ‘Fashion.’

In 1951 came the time of wearing Pant-Shirt,Delhigirls also started wearing western clothes. And finally in 2011 the scene changed, youth ofDelhistarted wearing western clothes and along with this the idea of branded clothes became very prominent in city.

P.S. Thank You Wikipedia, Google and  a national Daily; you guys helped alot.


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