Bungee jumping or Skydiving?

Post a day 2011

If you would ask me that what will I choose among Bungee jumping or skydiving, if given an option. I would certainly opt for Skydiving; without a thought. Bungee jumping is also good and I would love to do that, but if in case you’re giving me a party on your birthday, I will definitely go for skydiving.

Till now, I have not tried any of that sport; but because I’ve heard and read a lot about both of them. I would love to try skydiving. And the sole reason behind this is the freedom; the freedom to fly, the freedom to set yourself free and go beyond limits. The whole idea of thinking about jumping from a plane gives jittery feeling. I mean even when I think of it, it’s a divine pleasure already. I wonder how it will be, to do it actually.

I am really curious to try this sport. I wonder how things will be like. How will I look in my gear. How will I be able to force myself to jump at height of some thousand feet.  Looking at this picture above, I’m thinking how much fun it would be to tear that air apart, and go beyond it. The fun of screaming as loud as possible; especially when you know that nobody will hear you.

 I simply want to jump over an ocean or may be a water channel. I want to experience the beauty of blue color from sky. I want to see how the world looks like from sky. At some time while that adventure, I’d like to experience how G-Force works on me. The best part of this sport, I think would be the free fall that I’ll make. Apart from free fall, I’d also like to make a formation of some kind; like a human chain or may be a circle of human being in air. Keeping my finger crossed, I’m optimistic that I will try this sport soon..very soon.



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