No thoughts left.

Post a day 2011

Today, I realized that writing everyday can be difficult sometime. In my Endeavour to write everyday, today it finally became difficult for me to do that. I’m not really left with thoughts or ideas to write. Every topic that I think can write, I end up writing nothing. Another reason, why I think I’m unable to write is because it has now became an obligation, an obligation to write every day. I’m now bounded to write. And if I don’t write, I’m no more a part of PostADay2011. Every time I sit in front of my laptop to write anything, I’m unable to do that. Thoughts are simply not coming in my mind; but because blogging is some what more than an obligation for me. I choose to continue writing. And taking care of this, I will make sure that, I come up with more and more blog post every day. So for tomorrow I can assure you guys that I would be writing something interesting for sure.


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