Sunny Leone. Bigg Boss 5. Worse.

Post a day 2011

***I’m sorry folks, I could not post for last 2 days; this was because my blog was suspended by WordPress.***

Today, Sunny Leone; a well known adult movie actress will be entering the Bigg Boss 5 house. This decision, I think was made by Bigg Boss team, after seeing continuously falling TRPs.  The crazy and fun of watching human animals from all genre of life is now over. In the first season, there was excitement to watch such a show. But now it’s over. Nobody; at least I’m not bothered about this show. After so many seasons, it of no point to watch same house, same script, same Bigg boss voice (listen in this case) and yes physically changed but mentally same house mates.

I’m quite sure that the reason Sunny Leone, is been introduced to this show is because, she will be able to capture the attention of some male eye balls for sure. At the moment there are two single, male contestants in there. And to target them should be or rather (would be) the goal given to Sunny Leone by Bigg Boss production team. They must be in a serious need of some intimate or may be some kissing scene, between any of those ‘prospective couple.’ Bigg boss has been known for controversy, and they want to continue in same lam light. In my observation, this is the last season of Bigg Boss. The production team would now be done with all the losses they could make. And must have decided that this is where Bigg boss has to end. The element of fight, controversy and just everything negative is also very high in Bigg boss and Sunny Leone will surely add to the whole thing. And even if nothing happens between any of those ‘Prospective couple’ in their, one thing is sure there will be at least one bath in Bigg boss swimming pool by Sunny.

And for those who are wandering that, Sunny, will go nude in the show, just because she is an adult movie star. The answer is “No. She Is not going nude on TV”


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