Indian coffee house

Post a day 2011

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Day fourteen

Till now I have been talking about place you should eat-IN in Delhi. But today, let me talk about a place you MUST-NOT-VISIT in Delhi; Indian Coffee house, CP.

 I’ve been there just once, and with my experience, I will never suggest anyone to go there. It’s simply pathetic. The overall place is nice to sit. I mean the place is spacious to sit, you can have some fresh air, but the linking factor is missing. The food and yes other beverages are worst possible.

I went there with a bunch of my friends. And this is the reason; I’m saying that the place is spacious. You can sit with a big group of your college and school friends. This place is also famous among professionals, who come down there, to have a smoke, a book read or may be an informal meeting.

The first bad thing I found about this place, when I went there for the first time was the waiter. He was simply the most arrogant waiter, I’ve ever came across. He was with this attitude “Order dena ha du…nai dena mat du.”

The food that we got on our table was too far from our imagination. The coffee didn’t looked like coffee, the cutlet were bad, the chocolate shake didn’t looked like one, but was a chocolate shake; unfortunately.

The taste was missing in everything that we ordered. The service was pathetic too. The joy we had of going there was to sit in that place; the ambience; not of the coffee house, but the natural ambience.

So take my final opinion, don’t ever go to Indian Coffee house, CP


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