Rockstar is worth watching

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Movie- Rockstar

Starring- Ranbir, Nargis

Director- Imtiaz Ali

Rating- Four on Five

I’m not going into the story of this movie. I’m sure all of you had a snippet of the story already through some or other way. So here I’ll be only talking about what I liked and did not liked about the movie.

The actor Ranbir, is flaw less, he did a great job. His every expression and dialogue delivery was good. Nargis, on other end was just average, may be because this was her first movie. Somebody really needs to polish her skills in acting.

The songs in the movie are just fantastic; each one of them has a deep meaning in it.  Lyrics are written brilliantly for movie. Every word in those songs make you think beyond that song. The dialogues are perfect.

This movie is not based on linear pattern. It keeps on moving. In beginning it is in present, in next scene it is past, and then again in past. The movie keeps on moving. It does not stop anywhere, while the whole movie there would be no point when you would say that, hey it’s going slow.

Both the actors looked perfect as per the roll played by them. Nargis, is not that beautiful or hot, or whatever people may be calling her. She is just OK.  The movie stands out funny as well as emotional lot of times.

If you have been throughDelhia lot and North Campus, you will surely recognize a lot of places; the virgin tree of Hindu college, the canteen of Hindu college, the lane linkingKirorimallCollegeand Hindu college.  The movie also shows the rivalry betweenSt.StephanCollegeand Hindu college; its when there is a dialogue where a student from St. Stephan say “is he from Hindu” with the real St. Stephan pride.

The movie takes you throughDelhi, Old Delhi and may foreign locations. The scenery fromKashmirwas beautiful. It looked magnetic.

There was a RRR (TRIPLE R) effect in movie; it really increased the standard of movie. The RRR effect was Rusty- Raunchy- Ranbir. His over grown beard, dirty clothes, did make him look like a Rockstar. Every time he went on stage to perform he went with pain. He created that pain some or other way.


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