Gullu Meat wala

Post a day 2011

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Place- Malka Ganj chowk

Meal for 2- Rs 400

Parking space-Yes

Sitting space-No

Signature dish– Meat

I visited last- Last week of October

Best time- after 6 PM

This place is located very near to North Campus of University of Delhi. The shop is here for many years now and has been one of my favorite destinations to drop in for my favorite meat dish. The only disadvantage to come at this place is that they don’t have sitting arrangement. The meal has to be either taken or may be have it in your car. Just next to this place, there is also a beer and liquor shop. So for those who like added advantage, this would be a great option. I have not tried lot of dishes here but will review the signature dish.

The meat and Tandorri chapatti here is just awesome. As soon as you will taste the gravy, you will say…Yummy. It’s thick, spicy and tastes great. I will not suggest you to have this meal with Romali roti, because that will spoil the whole taste of having meet. In my suggestion always go for either Rice and meet, or Tandorri chapatti and meet. The dish served is well cooked, does taste like authentic meet dish. It’s not like butter chicken, these days everybody have their own version of it. The prices are quite reasonable; especially when you consider the taste. The preparation style is also clean, as they have an open kitchen; one can see everything been cooked or packed. You will really be a fan of there signature dish, when you eat it for the first time.

Keep dropping in for more yummy and tasty places to hang out at.


7 thoughts on “Gullu Meat wala

  1. Hopeless meat.. Taken at their netajisubhash place counter….. My teeth cud not chew or cut the meat…… Gravy any one can make thick or thin…… Complained them about it…. No one ready to accept evevn when offetrd them the leftover samples……. Just hoplessssss gullu is….. U dont kniw why people go for what masses say, they dont have there tasebuds to judge ……

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