Nizam Kathi rolls

Post a day 2011Copyright 2011 Aditya Bhasin

Copyright 2011 Aditya Bhasin

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In my journey to talk about Delhi food, here goes yet another place to eat-out in Delhi; Nizam Kathi rolls. The place is located at the center of Delhi; CP, near Plaza Cinema.

Mean for 2- Rs 400

Ambience- Light, not to classy

Air conditioned- Yes

Signature dish- Kathi rolls

I visited last-August 2011

Best time- After noon and before midnight

Parking- Yes

As mentioned above the place is located in CP, in between the classy and shiny stores all around, and near PVR Plaza cinema. In light of all those classy stores, in and around, Nizam’s has also turned a little classy if not lot. The sitting place is little congested and you may have to wait for a while to get yourself a place to sit. Nizam’s is known for Kathi rolls. I will not say that they cook best Kathi rolls in the city, but they also don’t cook the worst (and may be that’s why they are here) The range of rolls is quite large with them, from Mutton roll to chicken and to egg, they have it all. I’m personally not a fan of Nizam kathi rolls. I mean they are good; no doubt, but they are not the best. The prices are little high. They charge you 140 bugs for a mutton roll. The rolls are quite heavy to eat and very-very oily. In the first bite itself, you’ll be able to judge that the quantity of oil is very high. The quantity and quality is also good with no questions asked. The taste of these rolls is above average and I may not advise you to drop in at this place more than once. Another suggestion, always go for an egg and chicken or egg and mutton roll. This is because if you choose to get only a chicken or mutton role the plain flour base of the roll would be too thick to eat, and will not give the whole joy of eating those rolls.

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