Changezi Chicken

Post a day 2011

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There is no pleasure sincerer than the love of food-Shaw

 If there is one thing that defines Delhi as a city, it is food. I live in this city and I love the food. It connects to my soul. And here goes my first food blog. It’s about my favorite place to eat-in chicken. It’s all about Changezi Chicken and Khamir ki roti.

 Place- Chicken Planet, Bara Hindu Rao, near tyre market (Recently shifted to Karol Bagh)

Meal for 2- Rs 300 (Worth it…!)

Ambience- Very simple, Dhabba style

Air conditioned- Yes

Signature dish- Changezi Chicken and Khamir ki roti

I visited last- Last night

Parking space- Yes, but not authorized

Best time- 6PM to 11PM

This place exists between the congested lanes of old Delhi. I’ve been eating chicken from this place since my childhood. And since than I love it. I’ve tried chicken at a lot of places but the taste of this chicken dish was un-matched, wherever I went. This dish is served with thick gravy and healthy chicken pieces. The taste is simply awesome. I remember once I saw how this chicken was cooked, and I was out of my mind. The largest cooking pan, I ever came across was used to cook the gravy. The ghee was falling down from the pan in quantity that was difficult to measure. You can imagine it when I say that, the ghee was been collected in ‘n’ of buckets. The best part of their preparation is that they don’t use Sodium carbonate in it; it is usually used to soften the chicken; but thumbs up to them that they don’t do that. I mentioned this thing because, I have a problem of gastric and heat stokes, thus sodium carbonate adds the pain to it. Both the quantity and quality is unmatched. The  Khamir ki roti would be something new for you, if you have not eaten it before. It’s is made of flour and  goes great with Changezi chicken.

 The place to sit at this place is quite sufficient but you also may have to wait in a ‘Q’ to get yourself a place to sit. The chances of delay in service is zero, if you’re eating in, if other wise you may have to wait upto 20 minutes to get your order. After the meal, you may also choose to buy yourself, Firni, which is the traditional dish eaten on Id-ul-fitar.

 Hope you have liked the review; you can always drop in your feedback in comment box.

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