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Post a day 2011

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This is my first photo blog. I’m not a photographer, not even a time-pass photographer.These photos are clicked either by me for my friends. And with every photo I’m sharing my ideas and views.

This photo is from Shanker Market, CP,Delhi, India. This is the place me and my friends go often to have our meals. And here we found these two small children and thought to share a bite and a smile with them.

This photo was clicked in CP again. We were scaring people by wearing this mask.

The above photo does not have anything to speak. Its just a simple ‘TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD‘ photo.

A still from Purana Quila, New Delhi, India.

This was clicked from lake side at Purana Quila.

The path way has alot to say. The deep and dark secrets.

A cute child with his father on a Delhi street.

This tee talks about the ‘Attitude’ every Delhi University student carry with him or her.

A still of water glasses at one of my favourite eating place.

No better word than Yummy 🙂

A group of spectators and media person while an Anna Hazare event in New Delhi.

A photo modified by me.

He is one my friend and in this photo he is our ‘Fair Iago’.

A pamphlet to support Anna Hazze.

A still from Anna Hazzare campaign.

A still of Hamayun tomb in New Delhi, even Barack Obama visited here when he came to India.

My favourite pan wale uncle based in New Delhi.

A still from IHC, New Delhi.

A staircase going to some unknown section at Hamayun’s tomb in New Delhi.

This is one of my best photos. I still from book street in CP.

Again some food thing.

A still from Agersan ke bawai, a heritage place in CP, New Delhi.

Jai Hind.

Nothing more beautiful than colours.

The foodie side of me.

My all time favourite place to eat. A roadside Dhaba.

I admit. It was me who eat this all.


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