My first Android.

Post a day 2011

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Today I got myself a gift. It was an Android device; my first Android device. Till now I was using Java based or Nokia phone and it was for a long time I wanted to buy an Android phone or may be a tablet, so I decided to buy one finally. I got myself a Samsung device with android 2.2. And believe it or not I went to buy this phone as early as possible in morning. At night I was unable to sleep properly because of excitement. People go crazy for I phone but for me Android was my choice, earlier I wanted to buy a Blackberry but then because of recent disturbance in their service, I opted not to buy a blackberry and iOS was never my choice of device; especially after so many restrictions and paid apps who wants to buy an I phone? The first I did when I bought the phone was installed the Antivirus application along with WhatsApp, Facebook for Android, Twitter, WordPress for Android and Google plus. I also downloaded two games Air controller lite and talking Tom. Talking tom is real funny. I’ve tried this on Apple Ipad but was not aware that it is available on Android market place. I’m enjoying my Android till now apart from some minor issues here and their; like when I scanned my phone with Avast antivirus installed on my laptop I found some viruses. Also the talking Tom stopped working suddenly; may be he got tired of my punches. Till now I have configured Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Yahoo messenger and Google plus. The sync feature works great. Thumbs up..! I’ve liked the overall performance of the phone till now. And I only wish that I don’t regret my decision of buying an Android. I’ve always trusted Google and I wish to continue the same. Do put your suggestions about how I can protect my phone with viruses and also suggest some nice apps to download.


8 thoughts on “My first Android.

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  2. Congrats!
    Excitement is always there whenever we go for something new. Looking forward to a complete review of the product here..
    Keep it up!

    • Hey Thanks for the prompt response to my blog. I’m not sure if BB is always bad or not but yes I’m sure that I made the correct choice by getting Android. You should also read my other post like ‘My idea on sustainable development’ and ‘The ‘Taboo thing” These post are written under POSTADAY2011 event under which we are expected to write atleast one blog everyday.

      Keep Visiting
      Aditya Bhasin

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