My idea of sustainable development

Post a day 2011

Update: March 23rd 2012

I also believe that Earth Hour duration should be increased to 90 minutes from 60 minutes. I also believe that under Earth Hour the movement of Airplanes, Metro and train should also be stopped.

Sustainable development is concern of the hour. Everyone from Barack Obama to Manmohan singh is worried about the future of this world. The future which will either bring disastrous or delightful events in the life’s of our upcoming generations. The concern is spread across the world that how our next generations will cope up with the need of fuelelectricity, water and other natural resources. These resources are depleting fast, some suggest that they are left only for next 30 yrs and others have given out some other figures. Nobody is sure for the fact that when the fuel in this world will be over but everyone knows that someday it will be over. And may be that would be the end of the world.

The idea that I, have in my mind to move towards sustainable development are quite known to world and not that tricky to understand.

The first approach to move towards sustainable development is already been followed across the world and is been carried out by WWF under the name; Earth Hour. Every year whole world is asked to be a part of Earth Hour and switch off lights for an hr on a certain day of every year. The world do follow the same but their are countries and people who don’t follow the same and continues to use electricity while earth hour. My idea here is that the WWF in collaboration with each government should make it a compulsion. Every year, at least 2 days should be celebrated as Earth Hour; instead of asking people to turn off the lights, Government on their own should switch off the power grids to save electricity.

The second approach is that like earth hour, their can be a fuel day. United Nation should implement this across the world. There should be a day in a year, when only the public transport system like Metro, tube, buses and tram should be allowed to work. No private vehicle on road for just one day in a year. Imagine the amount of fuel this world will save; that too in just a single day.

The third and final approach is every new construction in this world should have rain water harvesting system installed. This will help bringing the depleting ground water level to an acceptable level. Along with this; every new construction should have at least 20% of green land area. It could be tress, grass or just anything, which is related to nature.


19 thoughts on “My idea of sustainable development

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  14. Thats a Real Serious topic…

    Would like to jot-down some of the Points which i have in mind..

    making people aware of the problems is not at all the solution. Those ppl would not listen to you.

    Scientists have Brought some of the sustainable methods like Solar energy which could be used for Electricity and many more purposes.. these things should be made compulsory so that the other resources does not get extinct.

    I think NASA & ISRO have already started working on this aspect on a larger ground and they are making sure abt the pros and cons abt the same.

    Regards. your friend

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  16. So here comes some food for thought!
    Your concern is genuine one and I would like to add that people need to be more responsible towards nature without being forced by the government or any other agency. Whatever be our extent of development, we just can’t fight nature and signals are always there to warn us.

    Good topic!
    I expect people to express their views on this topic and also come out with suggestion as it is about our own mother planet.
    Come on guys! It’s your turn to speak..

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