The ‘Taboo thing’

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Post a day 2011

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Let me begin by asking you a question. Does been virgin or chaste makes a difference?  My idea to write this post is to talk about thing untold; things that people are not ready to speak about; especially in India. In India, things are a little complicated as compared to west side of world. Here we don’t talk about sex and other ‘Taboo’ things so openly. Here virginity is the command of God and if one goes against the command of God, he or she will have to face the outcomes. I really don’t think that been a virgin or chaste should be considered while marriage anywhere in India or world. In my opinion, everybody in this world had sex, or may be foreplays or other stuff; irrespective of the fact that they had it in their fantasies or in real life. Been virgin or chaste is very personal choice to make, I don’t think that religion or family ritual can bind that. I mean if religion doesn’t force us to get married or remain single all our life, then how come religion can force us to be virgin or chaste all our life’s. In India, nobody talks about how many times a guy had sex before marriage, but as soon as the focus shifts on a woman, the picture changes. Everybody in the society and their own ‘Community’ to talk about that woman. They would say all the rubbish things about the woman, but nobody would dare to speak a word about the man with whom the woman had sex.A long time back in India itself there was an MMS made of a school going couple. They were having some sought of oral sex in that MMS, at that time even, when this MMS came out nobody talked about the guy in that MMS. All that the country talked about was “the girl”. “She was an Army child”, “she flew to Canada after that” and “she attempted suicide” and so on… The point here is what happened to the guy? Who will question the guy about the same thing? Who is going to stand up and say “hey, you did wrong, it was against our culture” and all those things which have been said to the woman.

Been a virgin is a personal thing and so is been chaste. A boy will never hide the fact that he is not virgin because for him it’s the matter of pride. Its kind of a gold meddle, when it comes to telling it to his friends; whereas for a woman the same thing would be the most precious thing to hide. She will not do this because she is ashamed of doing. But because she knows it well that the whole country will be after her; her parents, her relatives and even some of her friends. They may even treat her as an outcast. If you ask me I would say that it’s my big time personal choice to make whether I’d like to stay virgin till my marriage or not; nobody can decide that or suggest that to me. It’s my choice and I’m sure that even peer pressure would not make any difference to my decision.

I highly recommend and support that both woman and man should be allowed to make the decision for their own life. Let them decided what is good for them and what is not. Let’s stop preaching our younger generation that sex before marriage is bad. Because at the end the fact is even those who are preaching us had it before marriage. (Here I’m especially talking about the male members of our society)

6 thoughts on “The ‘Taboo thing’

  1. Well i believe every individual has the right to choose what his or her life should be and what does he/she really wants…. Good Going Aditya…. The picd that u have uploaded are very natural … Kudos!!!!!

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  3. ADDY.. I really appreciate your views abt being chaste. Its a personal thing and should be considered as personal.
    talking about Women, Its not only in India but other parts of the world too, that if they are found Unchaste they are subdued, and subjected by the society as being out cast.
    In this world both should be considered as same.

    A boy having more than 2 Girlfriends is considered to be the Hunk, and when he makes love to all of them, he is praised.
    where as a girl has a BF and makes love to him He is sometimes considered as Slut..

    this is the sheer mentality of this Sick society…

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