Im going to be a whistle blower.

I’m tired now, I can’t wait any more. It’s been long, I’ve been waiting for my English Hons 2nd year mark sheet, in last 3 days only answer University of Delhi gave me was “It’s on our top priority”. I’ve been running from pole to post to get an answer that when I would be getting my mark sheet; especially when the last date for admission and for improvement exam is 11th November. Today I went to see Mr Jaggi, OSD Examinations, and University of Delhi to ask him for an answer. I waited for approximately 2 hrs, to meet him. And when I finally met him and told him about the whole thing, his answer was same “It’s on our top priority”. All that University people told me was “Sorry, we also can’t do much about it”, “You’ll have to wait anyway”.

My only question to them was Sir, why I as a student should suffer because of something, which I’m not guilty off. Just becauseUniversity ofDelhi could not do their job of printing mark sheet, that too in period of more then 2 months; why student should suffer.

I would not have been so curious; you may call to get my mark sheet but because the last date of admission and the last date of improvement exam are approaching, I’m not left with another option. The School of open learning says that they don’t have any information about mark sheet. The Registrar, Examination at University of Delhisays that “We will dispatch it in 7 working days”; which means that On 11th of November they will dispatch the mark sheets, on 15 or 16th SOL will get those mark sheets. After 5-7 days of that, SOL will dispatch it to students and finally around end of the November; students will get their mark sheets. And by then for but obvious reason the last date for admissions as well as for improvement exams would be over. Its not only about me, it about those students who have migrated to regular college and needs to fill their examination forms but are not able to because the colleges are not allowing them to do that without mark sheet. This is not the first time that students; especially of School of open learning have to suffer till this extent. It’s something which happens every year. This year for an example; the result for regular college was out on 20 July and for SOL students on September 8th. The same exam, same result, same university but still took them more than 50 days to issue result, after issuing regular college result.

The situation is even worse in case of BA program. There result is still not out, believe it guys still not out. It’s November and results are still pending. I’m assuming that the result would be out by the end of November, which means that a course that was for 1 yr would be completed in 5 months only. After facing this all, I believe its time to take the situation in my own hands. Tomorrow along with some other fellow mates, I will file an RTI as mentioned below:-

“I’m  Aditya Bhasin, student of English Hons, IIIrd year, School of open learning. I’ve passed my 2nd year exams and have not received my score card nor the mark sheet yet. The last date for my admission is 11th of November and so is for improvement exam, for which I need my original mark sheet; which I have not received. Under this circumstance I request you to please provide me information to following questions”

1)       If exam for regular college and School of open learning are held simultaneously; than why our result and mark sheets are issued separately and so late;

2)      When will I get my mark sheet for English Hons II yr, SOL.

3)      Why does it take more than 52 days after result to provide student with mark sheet;

4)      Who is responsible for the delay in printing of mark sheets;

5)      Will the last date of admission and improvement exam be exceeded?





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