The Confused Intelligence

Update : May 5th 2012

An AIIMs gradute; Sheena who hails from Haryana topped in UPSC exams. This was her 3rd attempt. WHY? Why IAS ? Wasan’t she doing good as Doctor?

My respect lies with her, in a country where women-child is still a curse, she has topped the most difficult exam of India. But, whats the fun? Even before she could be an IAS, she has already wasted 1.71cr; the amount govt. spent on her education at AIIMS.

They were born intelligent but education ruined them. They were also born smart but again too much of education confused them. They’re students of IITs, AIIMS, IIMs and many other engineering, medical and management institutes.

Let me start by telling you a small story.

Some years ago there was a guy named ‘nobody’. He went to the best school, then to IIT Delhi, to study Engineering and then to IIM-A to study business management. I wonder why, I mean studying business management after engineering is quite weird. And then after that he went to join an international bank in Hong Kong as a financial advisor. And after working there for sometime and wasting the Indian government money that was spent as a part of subsidy for studying at IIT and IIM, this guy left the job at bank and became a writer. And today we know him as Chetan Bhagat; The Confused Intelligent.

Few days back I was with my friend V, he is an aspirant for civil services. And we were discussing about background of students who are preparing for civil services exams. And it was then this thought clicked in my mind; the thought about confused intelligent students of our motherland. These students are those who will take a branch of study, get themselves a degree, after that they will take up another program of study, again get themselves a degree and then will choose to go to prepare for a whole together different branch of examinations.

I wonder what goes in the brains of our country students these days. Earlier we were worried about brain drain and we continue to do that. But a major reason of worry has come up now. The confused intelligent; these are the students who will utilize all the resources provided to them by government and will do no good to country. The trend of switching field of study has become prominent in our country. As told to me by my friend, in his coaching classes itself, there are hundreds of student, who did their engineering & MBA and are now preparing for civil services. The point is that if in end you wanted to be a writer or an IAS or IPS, then why did you do engineering and MBA. Why did’nt you simply opted for a graduation program and prepared for civil services. What was the point of wasting so much of resources?

In addition, these IAS and IPS officers will join their jobs and in some years will either go to a foreign country as private consultants or will join some company in India itself, which leads to wastage of resources in country. A graduate from AIIMS cost Rs 1.71 cr. to Indian government and after they are done with their studies they choose to go  abroad and take jobs there. Especially, when their requirement is much more here in India. Can’t these students think that so much of money has been spent to educate them.  In a view that when they come out well educated, they will help the country to grow much better in all the possible ways.

The state of students is really disturbing. If this kind of thoughts continue to grow and our students continue to switch their field of study then the time would not be too far when a writer would develop new technology, an IIT graduate would be working on his new book, an IIM graduate would be preparing for civil services and an English graduate like me would be thinking…What can I do now…?

*Proof reading by M.*


13 thoughts on “The Confused Intelligence

  1. I think why exclude only doctors and engineers from it? the government is spending nation’s resources on other students too.further you can’t be sure about any entrance exam.

  2. I think you are the one who is really confused.The exam is not like if you wish for IPS you will get it and so you shouldn’t learn anything except general studies.Life itself is not like that.UPSC paper itself consists of two optionals.These optionals include subjects like medicine which one does for graduation.Only a person thorough with his subjects can pass through.The civil services want talent from every field to manage affairs.

    • Hey Arun!

      Much appreiciate youro comment. After a long time, getting a comment from somebody who has more radical views than me and is also against of what I am saying.

      I don’t disagree with you, in UPSC, only brilliant people land-up and they should have knowldge from all phases of life.

      My probolem lies with those wasting govt resources. As I said a single seat at AIIMS costs 1.71 Cr. People like Chetan Bhagat and Sheena feel proud to waste those resources.

      Imagine a normal BA pass guy from DU (he only paid a fee of 15000 for three year cource) and prepared for civil services along with it and became an IAS later.

      On other hand, we have somebody who went to AIIMS became a doctor- wasted 1.71cr and then decided to study for IAS.

      The other person did not only wasted govt sources but also deprived her country a good doctor.

  3. Education does bring more knowledge. It improves your thinking. For e.g. Engineering improves your analytical skills while MBAs give you management skills. I don’t think you can develop those skills by just stying regular graduate programs. But I do agree with your point.

    • Thanks, and I agree with your point of different programes of study helps in developing different skills.

      I know I can be none of what you mentioned. 🙂 But, still hope to do good.

  4. They are not confused. All they want is “Money”. Now you understand where there focus is, they only went where there money took them. Top class mind with poor mentality. They never understood that with the great intelligence vested in them, they had those responsibilities as well.


  6. ha ha ha… i really liked this post of yours.
    after Reading your first few lines in your short story i got some names like, Mandar Kokate, and Chetan Bhagat..
    and i was absolutely right…

    but on a serous note, yes i absolutely support your statement.
    not much to say as you have already put forward all the points..

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