Book Review: Revolution 2020.

Title: Revolution 2020.

Author: Chetan Bhagat.

Publisher: Rupa

Age Group: 14+

ISBN: 978-81-1880-6

First of all Thanks to an online store, they delivered the book at my door step on October, 7th precisely at 5.38PM.

I was not expecting the book to reach me so early. But because it did reach me, I was happy like anything. It was also not like, I wanted to read this book, like it’s the only book left on the earth but still I was quite excited.

I started reading this book with a clear thought that it is a book and not a Chetan Bhagat’s book. I wanted a whole together open approach while I read and later review this book. I made sure that I don’t read with an idea, that’s it’s a Chetan Bhagat’s book. So it has to be good.

Story begins with a prologue. It’s about three friends. Gopal, Aarti and Raghav. They lived in Varanasi. They grew together, with different mindsets. One wanted to be rich, other an Airhostess and the last of the lot, wanted to start a Revolution. Gopal, was forced to attend coaching to get into an engineering college and so were others. Aarti, wanted to be an airhostess, but still she prepared for JEE entrance to make her parents happy enough. Raghav, did same for his parents. But he always wanted to be a journalist. He wanted to start a revolution. Boys loved the same girl. And this was the problem.

In the course of life, Gopal, turned to be an Educationist, ironically, he himself never went to a college. Raghav, became a journalist, though he was an Engineering graduate. Aarti, who went through an aviation course works as a Hotel Guest relation officer.

The story takes us through the life at holy city of Varanasi. The battle to get into engineering colleges. The filthy Ganga River. The ghats, the boat rides, the corruption, the revolution.

I’m not going to disclose the whole story here. It’s against my ideology. I mean people have worked day and night to make this book a big hit. I simply can’t put the whole summary of the novel here.

This book is not just another Chetan Bhagat novel. It’s different. It’s different because the standard of this book is much higher than, One night at the call centre, The 3 mistakes of my life and The 2 states. I can’t talk about Five point someone because, I haven’t read it yet.

This book is not written in backdrop of an engineering college or an MBA college; like his previous works. Bhagat, has really grown up in his writing. He has finally come out of ‘College stories’ and has attempted something serious this time.

This book talks about almost everything an average Indian has to go through. Be it property. Be it getting into an engineering college or be it simply getting rich.

Click here to read review of OILY...Till I find someone better

Click here to read review of OILY...Till I find someone better

The protagonist, in the novel is Gopal, he takes us through the whole story. Everything he faced in his attempt to be rich. From his Father’s illness to setting up a college. From telling Aarti, that he loved her, till he sees Aarti getting married to somebody else. The story presents the dark side of country called India. Gopal, takes us through, his experience of setting up a college, when he himself never went to a college. He is been supported through out by an MLA, who funds him and gets him through all the legal things by using a simple white ‘Envelope’. A simple white ‘Envelope’ with some (extra) green and orange note bundles. Don’t go wrong here, it’s not the paid up capital to start college, rather it’s the paid up bribe.

I’m not sure that whether I should compare or not but genuinely speaking, this book has a lot to connect with Aravind Adiga’s The white tiger. Both the books are written on same ideas but with different backdrop.

Both the books, deals with the corruption in India. And how even the worst things can be worked out with a ‘white envelope’.

At sometime in between R2020 becomes monotonous. The story does not move even a single bit here and there. It continues to revolve around an upcoming engineering college, which became quite boring.

Another thing that Chetan Bhagat, missed out on was presenting the beauty of female character. In his previous books, he with the help of some magic brought the beauty of female characters so perfectly that everybody felt in love with them. He missed out on this in Revolution 2020. It’s like in the Rover by Apra Behn, there was a character named Angelica Bianca. Behn, portrayed her so well that everybody who read that scene could imagine her well in front of their eyes. And this is what Bhagat did in 3 mistakes of life and 2 States. But this was missing in R2020.

The book takes you through a story of 26 yr old Director of an engineering college, who is mad about money but in end becomes a man of great thought and joins in to start a revolution. A revolution which was never his idea. He did it for his motherland. He let his love go. And that too in a way, only a brave man and a true lover can do. He slept with two call girls, so that Aarti, can see it and brings an end to their relationship. And this all because he wants her to be happy.

I have to admit while I close this review. Guys go and read this book.

Thank you, M, for proofreading.

45 thoughts on “Book Review: Revolution 2020.

  1. i loved ya review on can love happen twice but sorry i dnt like this one as i found this book the worst book of cb, he should come out of iim n iit now.
    still, love the way you write.

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  4. Hey Adi!

    Liked your review, your view point!

    But thank God I waited to read the book first and then read your review, because believe it or not, you DID disclose most of the story. If not at the start, then towards the end of the review…

    About the book, I liked it and found it better than all his previous works, barring his debut book. He knows his target readers to the core, I must say!

    And finally, its a very nice space you have created 🙂 made me miss my page!

    Love & Luck!

    P.S.: Equally loved Vikas Tiwari’s review 🙂

    • Thanks Di, for your first ever comment on my blog. I appreciate that. Reading my own blog again nd again did made me thnk tat ztory was reviled to sm extnt.

      I miss your blog too. Last you blogged was in june 2010.

      And yes,I have to agree wid u tat, review and observations Vikas gave were great.

  5. hmm… nice ADDY nice review..
    I wont Write any review here as You and @Tiwari has already done it superbly.
    but still would like to write something as you suggested me to read this novel by CB.
    I haven’t Read any of his previous Novels and R2020 is my 1st.
    The language is quite simple, easy to understand, One liners are Witty and sometimes hilarious,

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  8. About R2020, I would say one can see typical CB at work:
    >>Title having a number, though not at the beginning this time
    >>First person story
    >>You are kept hooked from the beginning through a prologue
    >>The protagonist’s name is one of Lord Krishna’s name
    >>The female protagonist has a DREAM CAREER that remains unfulfilled
    >>Indian Youth and their Friendship at the core of the story
    >>Observations in the form of witty one liners
    >>The protagonist being forced into a situation from where it seems there is no way out and finally,
    >>The protagonist listening to his heart (especially in Chetan’s non-autobiographical novels)

    Coming to the story, Chetan has tried to be close to reality. Serious issues of rat-race and loopholes in our education system have been taken up in a proper manner. People will inevitably feel disgusted with omnipresence of corruption and the shrewdness of our politicians everywhere. (Poor chaps! Everybody from Anna to Chetan is trying to further degrade them..) As I have lived in Varanasi, I found description of the cultural capital of India authentic as well. Incidentally I read my first CB novel in Varanasi only..

    The USPs of R2020 (apart from being a Chetan Bhagat novel):
    >>Somewhat a different closure. Afterall, we are used to seeing Chetan’s hero walking away with the girl of his dreams..
    >>Issues taken up are hot cakes right now- CORRUPTION and EDUCATION.

    Flip sides:
    >>Prologue not that catchy, similarities can be drawn from 3 Mistakes..
    >>Low on fun quotient, tends to become monotonous at times.
    >>Characteristic Chetan Bhagat one liners are quite less.
    >>I was not satisfied with the handling of Raghav’s character. Seeing the storyline, he needed some more space, especially if you name the book that is this character’s brainchild and he is to walk away with EVERYTHING..
    >>Aarti’s struggle of switching between Raghav and Gopal has been shown to be so smooth that can be called superficial barring some instances.

    One a personal note I found R2020 the 3rd best novel of CB after FPS and 2 States. Chetan knows the business well. He has his target readers in mind while writing and tries to be within his limitations. His best novels incidentally are those where he is mixing his own experiences with fiction. In other novels something seems missing. That’s where the creativity comes in. It will be interesting when he breaks away from his first person narrative style (though highly unlikely), because then he will have to balance all the characters unlike now when he is satisfied with his major attention to the narrator.

    -Recommended if you like to read light hearted romantic novels,
    -Strongly recommended if you have free time and are bored of nonsense Bollywood rom-coms.
    -Not recommended if you have high intellectual taste because intellectual people love to hate Chetan Bhagat.

    PS: Dude I could not help writing this because of my long association with CB novels. Though I am not his diehard fan, I do like him more than these new bunch of campus novel writers who have nothing more to offer than some eye catchy titles.

    • Hey yet another comment from Mr Tiwari, Seems like my Blog is lucky these days. I’m thinking if yesterday, instead of asking for a comment on my Blog. If I would have asked you for some thousand bucks or something, you must have given it to me. LOLZ.

      I must admit, you have made quite lot of good and logical observations about this book. I never thought of them. And may be that’s why I’m in 3rd year and you’re a graduate already (Jokes apart).

      I like all your observations and must say that you worked hard in quoting them here.

      And we share the same feeling. We like CB more than these new bunch of campus never writers, who have nothing to offer than eye catchy titles and some sex stories.

      Love Aditya Bhasin
      Keep Visiting.

      • I will keep reading but commenting might not be possible always. Don’t worry, I will give you verbal feedbacks. Do ask others, rather force them to find faults and suggest for improving your blog because that’s the only way to improve. I can give my own point of view only. I am sure others can come up with better suggestions..
        Also, as you are tech savvy, your blog should contain reviews of technical stuffs. Do write about Aakash when you get it.
        Keep writing:)

        • I understand. Reading itself is a great thing.And yes I certainly make sure that others do give me the feedback.

          About Aaksh, I’m waiting to get hands over it. May be that would be my first Tech blog.

          Love always
          Aditya Bhasin

  9. Let me first congratulate you as your BABY has turned one. I must say that you are taking good care of the baby seeing the increase in the no. of your blog followers and susequent appreciations.
    (Who says that only a mother can take care of a baby..:P)
    It has been a good journey not to forget your moment of elation on your blog becoming a part of “The Washington Post”, as I was there with you to feel it.

    Now coming to this review, the best part I found was:
    “The book takes you through the story of a 26 yr old Director of an engineering college, who is mad about money but in the end becomes a man of great thought and joins in to start a revolution.
    Some points I duly agree with:
    – The novel talks about some of the problems faced by an average Indian.
    -Too much detailing of GangaTech makes it monotonous.
    About the female leads, I think that Chetan has always been a notch short of what is required of him in the treatment of female characters except in 2 States.
    One suggestion:
    -A little more concealment of storyline was needed to keep the interest of the reader ignited in the novel. By the end of your review outline of the plot is roughly sketched out, though unintentionally. This is what I found and thought to point out because a little scrutiny from the readers will always contribute towards your growth as an eminent blogger.

    Keep up the good work! All the best:)

    • Hey Vikas

      Thanks mate for your first ever comment on my Blog and Thank You for the 1st birthday wishes too.

      I must ask you. How did you manage to complete this book so early? (5 hr 15 Min to be precise). I’m happy that I have people like you to support me in my endeavor to take this Blog to new heights.

      It’s great to see that my readers hold the same opinion or view as what I do, like we agreed on monotonous and female lead part.

      And because you have mentioned about 2 states, I have to agree that the way he described the character of Ananya, is something unmatched in all his novels. I can also say this because the character of Neha, in Five point someone was also not developed anyway near to Ananya’s character. And may be this was because Ananya, was his wife in book and in real life.

      And while I close this replay, I admit that by the end of the review, I did sketch out story and that was for sure unintentionally. And I will take up your feedback and will for sure keep it in my mind when I review some another book.

      Love Aditya Bhasin
      Keep reading. Keep commenting.

  10. hey well done adi……..seriously such a nice review given by you.m impressed.
    You put new thought in your each and every new blog which i like the most. …. 🙂 Cauz that shows your humor and craziness about writing.

    Keep writing and will wait for your next blog. 🙂

  11. hey well done Adi……..seriously such a nice review given by you.m impressed.
    You put new thought in your each and every new blog which i like the most. …. 🙂 Cauz that shows your humor and craziness about writing.

    Keep writing and will wait for your next blog. 🙂

  12. Nice blog…but somewhere it contradicts with what i have realized:

    >> I guess the story is about corruption, politics and mainly our INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM.
    The story revolves around corruption and politics on large scale. It also shows the lives of rich
    and poor people. People who want to become rich by any means. But Aarti has a special role to
    play in this book.

    >> And I don’t think the book is anyhow related to White tiger. White tiger revolves around the life of
    a faithful driver who wants to get out of poverty but ends into being a corrupt and criminal person.
    In this book Gopal’s sole aim was to get rich, anyhow. He wanted to prove himself above Raghav.
    Yes, both the books revolve around corruption but the situations are totally different. In R2020
    they were forced to bribes pay against their will, but in white tiger they were willing to pay.

    >> The best part I liked about the book was when in the end, When Gopal realizes his mistake and
    changes everything, by calling call girls.

  13. Good to see an early review of the book. Been wondering whether or not to read R2020 because I didn’t like Mr Bhagat’s last 3 books as much as FPS. Going to read this soon.

  14. Here comes ur first comment 🙂
    The par. in which u’ve written abt Gopal and his role in the novel is my personal fav.
    I could say that u’ve not only read the novel bt also gave it a thought as u compared it with Aravind Adiga’s White Tiger and Behn’s Character. Also felt the depth of that 26 yr old Director’s character and its deeds.
    Great to see that u hvn’t disclosed the whole story.
    Cool post.

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