It’s my Birthday.

 I’m so happy today. I’ve turned one. Yes it’s my birthday. One year back my almighty got an idea from a friend of his that he should start a blog and it was then when I was born. I Speak-Aditya Bhasin was born.

Since that day he has been too kind to me. He keeps me feeding with a new post every time, I feel hungry.And before I go ahead and discuss how was the whole last one year let me and my owner together thank somebody first.

Thank you Meenakshi, (We know you don’t want your name and just want ‘M’ but forgive us this time). Meenakshi, we will not say that you’ve been an inspiration but would be pleased to mention that you’ve been great support and yes ‘the start-up guide’.

I remember, as what told to me by Aditya that how you asked him to start up a blog, one sudden day and he did that. Aditya says that it was not like that he was not aware of what blogs are, but it’s just that he never took this thing too seriously. He says that he was aware of blog writing since 2007 but he never thought it as an option he should ever think to work upon. But you made that happen and he will continue to thank you for that. And special thanks from my side too.

 In last one year I was updated almost regularly. I never felt neglected. Every now and then there was one or another post with which I was updated. In the beginning I felt that why I was been given too much of Commonwealth games. I mean Aditya, kept me updating with the same thing. I wonder why. I remember, Meenakshi, also told him once that you should rename your blog to ‘The Commonwealth Blog’.

In past one year. Aditya has grown too good in writing. I mean been a book of his writing. I know it well that what he used to do in beginning and what he do know. I know all his grammatical mistakes he used to make, all his spelling mistakes. He told me few months back that he never used to revise what he wrote, he simply used to publish it and this is what his problem was. And may be that’s why he used to make so many mistakes.

 But now he is a changed person. He read everything, he writes, at least once before he publishes it on me.The most ‘special’ moment of my life till now have been when, I was read by ,reporter at The Washington Post. She read one of the posts and even mentioned that post in her news article she wrote on

It was a big thing for me and when I told the same thing to Aditya, he was like on ninth cloud. I received more than 1000 views on that single post in a week’s time.

Aditya, never made me a single track blog. He also wrote book reviews, Movie Reviews and what not.

 I also remember the time, when Aditya, gave me a special identity. It was when he moved me from Blogspot to and then to Aditya says he was quite keen to move me to another and a better platform. And that was why he brought me to Wordpess from Blogspot. And yes I have felt the difference. WordPress in many sense is better then Blogspot.

And because it’s my birthday, I’d also like to thank; Indiblogger. They have been so kind to let me be on their network and for giving me so many readers then and now.And I, I think I should leave for now and let Aditya, take over the space.

 “You can take over, Aditya; my almighty.”

 “Thanks my superb blog.”

 Hi guys, seems like my blog has already taken you through whole last year. But I’m here just for some one or two paragraphs.

 First of you all, thank you, to all my readers for being supportive all the time. I mean without YOU guys this could not have been a real thing for me. I’m sure, because you were their, that’s why. I’m here.

 Another thing, I’d like to mention is a thank you to myself. I’ve been a person who looses interest in his own ideas very soon. One day I will start working on something and some days down the line. I’m over with it. I loose my interest in it. But with blogging, the things were different. I continued and I’m continuing.

 Thanks to Smriti Pahwa, for always been the first reader of my blog every time and for been a constant supporter. Also for her candid and critical comments all the time. (I regret that she is not around to do the same now). Meetu, if you’re reading this, I still remember, how much you liked reading ‘The Journey beyond limits’ and how much you hated reading ‘Another big fat Indian marriage’

 Thank you, to Vikas and Meenakshi for correcting my all grammatical mistakes and spellings. Thanks to Pramod, for fighting with me all the time about whose Indiblogger rank is better. Thanks to Nirwan & Vrinda for making sure that there was a comment from their side all the time.

 I have my fingers crossed for another superb year of blogging.

22 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday.

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  4. superb !!!!… u have no idea.. how much m happy 4 u…

    n CONGRATS !!!!! … wish ur blog a very long long long lyf!! 🙂
    awl d very best dear.. do well.. luv u loads… muaaah :*


  5. Ganda Aditya ,,,,, I thought meri thodi aur tareef karega tu….. huh!!!

    Anyways, Im the first one who’s commenting here…. so it’ll b good for u to think and decide abt my gift 😀

    And yeah No comments for the blog 😛 , main katta hun tujhse !!!

    • @ Minx I don’t think so you’re the first one to comment but yes, a gift for you is coming your way already….!

      And you know it that how much, I have always thanked your for motivating me for blogging and I’ll continue doing that. This post can’t be enough to say Thank you to you…

      Love Aditya Bhasin

  6. cooooooooooool boy……….good goin……m proud of you buddy really
    you just break up your limits and goin on n on to be on the sky . i really like your spirit to be on the top.

    Keep writing always and make us aware about your success. we all are always be with you. OK


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