It was not. But yes it was a walk to remember.

I was irritated;
I was frustrated;
I felt as if my head is going to burst in pain;
I left my home;
I was on my newly bought Activa;
When I left home, I didn’t know where I was going;
In a minute or so I realized;
I was near Kirorimal College;
In another minute, my Active touched the speed of 70 KMPH;
I was now at School of open learning;
I parked my Activa there;
I started walking;
I was smiling, when I was walking;
I kept walking, without thinking where I was going;
It was all silent; not much people around;
I felt peace, I felt calm and I felt happy;
When I realized, where I was;
I was near Delhi University;
I walked back;
I walked back, to place where I was not sure off;
I didn’t know, where I started off;
I kept walking;
I reached back, the place I started off at;
I was back on my Activa, 70 KMPH;
The air touched my face;
I silence made me relax;
The campus made me happy;
I was in front of Northern Ridge (Bonta) now;
I was more relaxed, and felt peace;
I drove off again; Reached my home;
I’m not sure;
I think it was not;
But yes I think it was a walk to remember;
I wish I could be there whole night;
I wish…

P.S. : I wish…


17 thoughts on “It was not. But yes it was a walk to remember.

  1. Vrinda Sharma It was not a rhyme; I mean even I’m not sure what it was. Thanks for your comments 🙂

    Himanshu Nirwan It was not a poem . I think I’m not capable of writing a poem.

    Ravleen Kohli AUTO IN………. Thanks for ur comments sweetie. And me not sure about been an Amazing writer. But yes a passionate writer for sure. And special thanks for taking time out of your busy SHIFT.

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