Why those some friends are better than those 167 friends.

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We all are living in a virtual world. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ what not. From friends to enemies, Professional relations to personal relations all are found on these social networks. Doesn’t matter that you haven’t met somebody for years but that person will be on your Facebook list for sure. Our lives have became so virtual that we have forgotten the real life and real fun of having good time with friends. Old are those days when friends used to meet everyday.

Today the picture is changed instead of teasing a specky friend by saying ‘Chasmish’ we now simply poke each other on Facebook.  Earlier when we used to call each other or may be meet each other to share all the good and bad news, we now prefer to update the same as a status update. Instead of enjoying a new place that we recently explored we first ask our friends to click a photo saying ‘FB be DP lagau ga yaar’.

World is changed and so are we. And I will not hesitate to say that I have also changed. Facebook was an eternal part of my life but now it is an external part of my life. Earlier I used to die to log on onto my Facebook account and on orkut account in days before FB came into limelight to check what’s going on, but now I have came out of that stuff. I’ve moved on into my life.

I really believe that for me those very few friends are better then those 160 friends that I have on FB. I like my friends who call me at 12 midnight and ask me ‘Party kaha de raha ha’.

I really don’t see any existence of virtual friends. I do agree that these sites help connecting each other but I think it more makes us go away from each other.

I wonder why we people now choose to play Farmville with our friends on FB instead of having a football match when its raining.

I wonder why I get to know that my best friend has broken up with her boy friend through FB when the notifications say “She went from in a relationship to single.”

I wonder why people are proud telling others that I have 700 FB friends. I feel proud when I tell that I only have some friends whom I can count on my fingers and all of them are “Non-Virtual friends” and they will stand beside me when I will tell them that I’m in a problem. I will not have to ask them through a status update. “I need help. Please rescue me”.

Friends and more people around always stays important in life but in my opinion to hold that importance one need to be connected through physical bonds not through FB servers. Which if once crash will make you loose all your ‘Virtual friends’ information and in most of the cases you’ll have no way to retrieve that.

I was never against and will never be against social networking sites, but it’s just that I want people to be connected through the bond of togetherness and not Facebookness.

It’s also not like that I’m not on any of those social networks. I’m very well available on those networks but the difference between me and others is that my life doesn’t revolve around these sites though my blog do. For me those some very few friends hold special place in my heart then those 160 FB friends whom I’ve not met for ages.

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12 thoughts on “Why those some friends are better than those 167 friends.

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  2. @adi: very truly said, i have always been against this virtual world, but unfortunately it has become integral part of e-world…
    @mini: thanks, that you know my taste….:)
    @heman: dude your real friends will be their, computer is not going to take out his hand and wipe your tears, isn’t it???
    @heman; @AADI; @tiwari; @Raaj; @pramod @Vrinda; @mini; we know we all are real friends

  3. Great adi. u did a Fab. job writing this post, i too was in the same dilemma as to who are my real buddies, but situation comes when u really get to know the real face of life and you try to avoid the virtual live of yours.
    then comes the life where you need your real friends and they would really be besides you in the time when you are really in trouble.
    as far this post of yours seems to be of a great use to them who are caught by the web of this virtual world.

    and 1 more thing.
    i called you on your birthday but u didnt pic my call. so i Msjd you in the midnight

  4. nice dude. True feelings of yours n i really appreciate your honesty towards your friends whom you can really count on your finger tips. As u said Fb is the only way to communicate or get to know about frnd’s life status is true…….whereas we need our frnd we prefer Fb today to tell anything.

    🙂 Keep Writing.

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