4 days I hate in a year.

 Though this post was to be written when I was in office yesterday but because of sleepy nights I could not do that. So here I’m on my terrace with my laptop on my lap. Blowing winds around me, an about to set sun in front of me and ‘life’ spread all across between earth and sky.

Yesterday it was our independence day (15 August). Joy was spread all across the country. People were flying kites, having some good time enjoying their national holiday.

 But down the lane in some corner of the country there was a guy who was depressed and sad because of this day. He never liked this day and along other three national holidays; Holi, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanti.

It’s not because he doesn’t feel the importance or relevance of these four days but he says that there is a deep reason behind hating these 4 national holidays.

 And for those who are thinking that Dry day could be one such reason. They are certainly wrong.

This guy lives in a part of city where it is always crowded, non-stop moving life; continuously moving buses, cars, bikes and everything else. Shops spread all across his house balcony. Life stops at nothing there doesn’t matter what is the situation but in those four days of a year which I mentioned earlier, life do stops. And for him it stops for bad and brings his life to a depressing mode.

He hates that silence spread all across the city and his surroundings. For him the best day of his life is when he is able to hear those sounds coming from all around the city. Those horns, those human voices and everything else, this makes him feel good. For him this is the sign of positivity & life around him.

He says he would like to club Republic day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti under one roof named as silence zone and Holi under another roof name as deep silence zone.

The situation in silence zone is that everybody wakes up late in morning, have there bed tea, read newspaper, watch television and be lazy all through the day. They don’t do any good on that day. They don’t go to their offices, their colleges, their shops and do nothing whole day. This adds to the silence across the city. The silence is simply silence there is no hidden meaning to this silence like wise what it would be like in deep silence zone.

The situation in deep silence zone is quite usually like silence zone but with added depression to it. As I mentioned the silence there is simply silence where as in this zone its deep silence. People wakes up early in morning get ready for celebrating the festival of colors. Everybody remains in mood of joy, celebrating holi where as the silence continues to hamper this guys happy mood. This guy says that his level of fun and happiness when he is with his friends celebrating holi is much lower then the level of depression around city. Though everybody around him is in mood of happiness and continues to shout like anything but still the deep silence takes over that happiness sound and wins over it easily.

He thinks that this denotes the empty shell like life that we humans are living. On a day when we have nothing to do as it’s our day to do nothing. We choose to do nothing instead of doing something. In his opinion on these 4 national holidays there should be more voices around him and more vehicles around him then usual days. Because this is the day everybody should move out to live the day to the fullest instead of sitting back at home like a couch potato. This is the day people should think of doing things of their interest and choice. They should do something which their family expects them to do. They should do things which their friends want them to do.

 They should choose to do things they always wanted to do but because of busy schedules they were not able to.

On this note I end up writing thoughts of this guy who hates 4 days in a year.

 P.S 1)  This guy is Aditya Bhasin- The author of this post.

P.S.2)  I Speak- Aditya Bhasin would be celebrating its One year of superb blogging on September 15 2011.

 Comments, feedback like always would be accepted with open heart.


9 thoughts on “4 days I hate in a year.

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  2. hi hi… boring Days…!! how could u say so yaar… it depends on person to person.. yes it can b Boring for you but ask from others who enjoy alot… specially school children..

    wese nice thoughts,

  3. Good post :):)… I was expecting something else may be that’s why people read the stuff written at the back side of a book may be jst to get a clue about what kinda stuff that book actually contains rather than judging it only by its title……. bt still a good post bt I’m nt able to figure out why Holi is included ??

    Aur tune to Independence Day pe patang bhi nh udaai,,,, din to bura lagega hi….. 😛
    Holi khelne to gaya tha ,,,, fir bhi udaas hota rehta hai….. 🙂
    We didn’t talk on 26th Jan so no comments 🙂
    Gandhi Jayanti ko to baccho k saath khelna banta hai yaar,,,,,,, zara poocho unse k wo kitne khush hote hain us faaltu ki chutti pe 😛 🙂 8)

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