Aditya Bhasin…on path of success.

Its been long, I haven’t written any personal post which was all about me. So here is a post about me and about the few but not last success stories of my life.

1)The Times of India.

Way back in January 2008, when I was in class 12th, one my the teacher from my school approached me that whether I would be interested to work in project where, I along with some other students will have responsibility to design the content and design of student edition of The Times of India. I had no reason to say no to that and it paid off well. I along with 4 other students and some more students from different schools worked on the student edition of the newspaper.

We all in collaboration wrote articles and made the final design of the newspaper. Our school was given 3 pages and it was our duty to write all the content for those 3 pages and we did well in it.

I wrote an article “Careers then now and next” also write a small extract about “Bobby Jindal”.

I was also eminent part in content writing for a full page debate about “ Money makes the world go around”.

2)The Hindustan Times.

This is about December 2009. I was approached by a reporter from Hindustan Times that whether I’ll be ready to write an article for them. I found that to be an amazing opportunity and went forward for that. The article was about the “Why I will never leave old Delhi”. This article was published on December 23 2009.

3)The Washington post

They counted my opinion in their news article named as “Sai Baba ‘God man’ in critical condition: How will He be remembered? By Elizabeth Flock”.I shared the space with eminent news houses like Aaj Tak, The Times of India and Zee News. They wrote in there article “But one Indian blogger wrote that he wonders if anyone will care at all.” “He is not the only Dharam Guru left on earth especially in India. He is not the only person who claims to be God’s incarnation” This thing came to be like an extraordinary success. For me appearing in an international newspaper was like been on cloud nine . Only I and my closest friends know what kind of happiness I was feeling at that time.

4)Blog Readership

I started my blog in September 2010 with no intentions to make it big some day or be a top blogger some day. It just started when a friend motivated me towards writing blogs and I did. And here I’m today with more then 6200 hits on Out of which more than 1000 visits were on a single post “Who cares if Satya Sai dies?” The same post of whose extract became part of Washington Post.

I wish to continue touching these milestones. And wish to see myself as a news anchor on an English news channel someday.

This post was written by Aditya Bhasin for his personal blog

I Speak-Aditya Bhasin


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