Direct admission at D.U. * Conditions Apply

Admission’s at Delhi University is now a cake walk if you were a SC or ST Category student. Yes, it is now possible, India has done it, and Delhi University has done it (We’re proud of our Country’s education system and Delhi University’s Brilliant brains). This kind of freedom is only available to Indian universities; I’ve never heard that any university granted admission to any student just on basis of caste.

But an extremely new thing has now been introduced (Thanks to Our lovely Delhi University). Student who aspire to study B.A. (Honors) English are suppose to give entrance exam to get into those Big colleges, but surprisingly any student who belongs to SC or ST category is now allowed to NOT to give this entrance exam and will get admission directly into their choice of college.

Whereas, General category and OBC students, will still fight to get into those prestigious colleges where they already have very few seats.

I’ve never been against SC or ST category people, nor am somebody who will discriminate anybody on basis of their caste or religion. But giving admission to any category of people on basis of their caste is what I’m against of. Till date SC and ST category people used to get benefit in almost everything from the minute they were born till the second they were burnt in ashes; Name the place and thing, they got the benefit (Govt Jobs, School admissions, college admissions, fee rebate and almost everything).

But direct admission to Delhi University is height of Reservation rule’s in India. I mean till when we will continue this kind of system in our country. I don’t think that SC or ST people in our country are now poor or cannot afford education cost or cost of entrance exams. They are now equally qualified and equally stable in terms of finance as compared to any other category of people. Since independence they have been getting benefits and all their generations have made their best investment wherever possible by saving money through all the rebates they got and now their younger generations are enough educated and financially strong that even if they don’t get any benefit they will excel just like another category of people.

I’m not somebody who says that SC or ST reservation should be completely abolished because I also agree to the fact that there are still certain sections of people who cannot afford higher education and doesn’t have enough resources to crack exams like IIT or PMT especially Children of Rickshaw puller’s, Daily wage workers. I strongly support reservation for them but do you think that Ram Villas Paswan’s son will need Tag of SC on his certificates to get into any university. No he will not. His dad will get him admission any how.

I’ve a friend of mine who belongs to SC category and is student of English Hons only; I’m more than sure if he was asked three years back to give CET to get into English Hons; he would have cleared the exam easily, and only reason behind this would have been was; that he was capable of clearing a CET. Like wise him there are endless students who belong to same category as his and can clear that CET exams but still they’ve been given so much freedom that they have been told “You SC student, No CET for you, your seat at Hindu college is already booked…”

Another thing which is very important is when this student goes and sits in his class at Hindu College; will everyone treat him equally? Will everyone be ready to accept the fact that they came into this class by fighting tough and the other student came in by just showing a certificate of been SC or ST.

With this post my effort is that we now need to understand that; we as a country called India have to grow up from barriers of caste and religion. We have to bring equality among the country.

P.S. Author doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s sentiments. Nor he is against any category of people be it General or SC or ST or OBC. With this post he only wants to pen down his views about recent admission policy change at Delhi University.

“This post was written by Aditya Bhasin for his blog I Speak-Aditya Bhasin”

11 thoughts on “Direct admission at D.U. * Conditions Apply

  1. I m a sc student so i will not give the cet exame can i take the add. Directly thank u .my best 4 pesantage is 12 so in which college can be my add.

    • Hey Kuldeep !

      Congratulations on getting good marks. You must understand that this post was written almost a year back. The rules and regulations may have changed by now. You must check with DU about the latest rules regarding admission. You should not take this post as an offical statement or word from DU. The information given in post is as per best of my knowledge, but, I also does not take responsblity if in case information comes out to be untrue.

      I would not want you to put your career on stake. Make sure you check with DU before deciding anything.

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  6. Nice Dude n really u tell us a truth a reality which is favored to SC or ST caste people they take advantage of this and we all are from general category stood behind of them ……..really true lines and i like it that

    “we as a country called India have to grow up from barriers of caste and religion. We have to bring equality among the country.”

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