The Tag Heuer Story-II

Those who are wondering why this post name is “The Tag Heuer Story-II” Please read my previous blog post “The Tag Heuer Story”On given link.Few days back, I was in Vrindavan (A Hindu religious place near Mathura) along with my family. The whole journey was quite exiting but I’ll keep it for some other blog post.

As soon as I came out of the Bake-Bihari Mandir. We all were marching towards Radha Kirshna Mandir and on way it  was return every where that Devotees should take care of there Purse, Food Packets, Specks.(I got to know this later.) Like everyone I was walking normally towards the Temple. And suddenly A monkey took my specs away, Without even letting me know. It was after 5-7 Seconds I realized that my specks are missing. And then when I looked above I found that my specks are in Monkey’s hands. At first I thought that when monkey will realize  that its not something to eat he will drop it back. But what happened was opposite. He just broke my specs into pieces. There were tears in my eyes. And I only said to myself “Why this happens to my specks only.”

After two minutes I came back to my world and realized what happened exactly. Though I was damn sad but all I said to myself at the point of time and made myself understand was “Aditya Its ok. Good you have lost another Tag Heuer specks. This is it. Those specks and may be that brand was unlucky for you. Since the first day you got them, either glasses were braking up or the frame broke down. That too many times. It had coasted you heavy amount of money till date to get those specks repaired or new one. It must be that god always showed you that they were unlucky for you but you were too stubborn to wear them again-n again. You have lost another Tag Specks at a religious place. God wanted you to leave them here.  And he did.”
So this is when the saga of Tag Heuer Specks ends.

May his soul rest in peace.

Aditya Bhasin’s Tag Heuer Specks
17 June 2010- 22 Apr 2011


2 thoughts on “The Tag Heuer Story-II

  1. I’m glad that finally, you’ve left the brand, The Tag. I hope the curse will not follow you anymore, no more Tag Tragedies,,,,,Blessings 🙂
    The best line was ” May his sole rest in peace”.
    I don’t even know how many chances you’ve got to get new glasses,,,,,,,,, I’m jealous,, 😛

    • Thanks for your comments. Till date I’m glad the curse is not following me back (Touchwood). But truly speaking There is one thing I’m most happy about. It seems that after I changed my specks last time things have turned on positive side. And I’m happy about it.

      Love- I speak-Aditya Bhasin

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