Tuff Days.

It’s been almost a month that I’m going through tuff time; Things are really not turning ‘Good’ for me.

First thing, which is giving me tuff time these days is my studies. I’ve been doing quite well in my studies; especially when it comes to studying the ‘Minimum’ part for exams. But I’m very scared about my exams this year. I have no idea how they are going to be Good, Bad, or excellent.

When I talk to my friends and tell them that amount of syllabus I’ve already completed, they say that you’ve done quite more then required. But still deep down in my mind I feel as if things are still incomplete; and I have to have to do more.

One thing about which I’m very sure is that my dedication and determination about my studies this year is too high and strong; any small thing here and there will not let it go week.

But sometimes things do happen against my wish and will. Like wise it happened today; Yesterday night I kept all the related books and notes for As You Like it By William Shakespeare on my desk and said to myself that “I will complete reading all the answers and essay tomorrow”.

And today whole day what I studied was nothing. What’s the biggest negative effect this thing brings to me is my sleep. Whenever I don’t do satisfactory studies in a day; my sleep gets affected badly. Because of this I get too stubborn to not to go to bed, and rather study but studying late night is something not meant for me. Because of this neither I’m able to sleep neither study.

Second thing which is giving me tuff time these days is my favorite thing ‘Money’.
I’ve been battling with my finances for sometime now. Frequent losses in Stock Market have really made things bad for me. (This thing may come as a surprise to lot of my known people that I’ve invested in Stock Market) but the fact is I’ve.

Since March I’ve been trying to recover from losses but have been unsuccessful and frankly speaking at this time I really don’t want to get into Profit-Loss thing & that’s why I’ve stopped watching Business news and reading business news section in newspaper. I don’t want to check how things are going and I’ve left everything for time being. I’m not giving this thing a thought that how much I lost and how much I earned.

But I expect things to get better soon someway or other so that I can at least afford my daily expenses easily. (& this makes me recall that my phone bill is due on 24 April.)

And the last thing I’d like to mention. Guys wish me luck for my exams. And pry that I do great this time in my exams.
And about money thing; I’ll check it myself after exams and I know I’ll make double profit of the losses occurred to me.

Good bye folks.

Drop in your wishes in comment box. (Mind it Its Compulsory)

This post was written by Aditya Bhasin for his personal blog “I Speak-Aditya Bhasin “

8 thoughts on “Tuff Days.

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  3. I really liked your post… got funny element as it was reaching to its end.
    I hope and wish that you’ll do in that profit-loss thing,,, as I dnt know what is currently going on in that…..
    And giving wishes for your exam papers,, i dnt think that it is necessary at all now,,,,, so wishes for the consequences 🙂

    The title is very attractive to me.

  4. Hey Buddy nice post.i like it….same dilemma about study is here toooooo..but dont worry as we ail know that “YES WE CN DO EVERYTHING CAUZ WE ARE THE BEST….so my best wishes are with you always…and be wat u are……..dont get cunfusesd or disheartened anyways…….k….love u..

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