Earth Hour 2011

Today is Earth Hour. Around 131 Countries across the world will switch off their lights for one Hr. Keeping the Global Warming in view, this is an attempt to make the world understand what does’ Lights’ means when there is ‘Darkness’.

I have always supported Earth Hour be it in Year 2010 or be it this year i.e. today. Last year what I can remember is that I tuned off the Main switch of my House, I did this because my family was not much keen about this Global Movement. I kept on standing for One Hr near the Main switch so that nobody could turn it on.

Today also I’m going to switch off all the lights and other electrical appliances in support of Earth Hour 2011. This year my dad is also supporting Earth Hour.

This moment was originally started by WWF in 2007. The first country to take part in this moment was Australia. The concern of Global Warming is in everyone’s mind but very few people bother to take steps in preventing Global Warming. I don’t say that I take too much effort in this cause, but yes I can surely say I do give my ‘part’ of effort. Few things that I never forget to follow in my endeavor to save ‘OUR WORLD’ are:-

  1. Use public transport Like Metro Rail and Public Bus;
  2. Turn off my vehicle engines on Red light;
  3. Switch off the lights in my house whenever there is nobody in room;
  4. Put the Refrigerator and Air Conditioner on Prescribed temperature;
  5. And Last but not the least SUPPORT EARTH HOUR.

This Earth hour one should not only switch off lights, but also choose a lifestyle where your carbon contribution in air is least possible.

So with this post I request my readers to take a step forward. Turn Off the lights. Support Earth hour 2011. Choose a ‘Carbon Free Lifestyle‘, and make a difference to the world.

Because my friends with every dark night…

…A new dawn follows…



5 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2011

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  2. Hey, really cool post.. 🙂
    The best lines are “With every dark night……A new dawn Follows…”

    I liked your last yr's activity regarding to stand for an hour near the main switch… 🙂

    Keep supporting!

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