11 To 7 The post that happened across Eight hrs.

This is story is about our visit to JNU Campus yesterday. It was me, Vi, P, Vr, VS, As and H.
Vi, P, Vr and H went there to submit there forms for MA English and I went along with them just like that no such reasons. While on way I called up M to ask if she also could join us but she had her prior commitments so she could not join us. By the time I and V reached Haus Khas metro station ,P was already at JNU Campus.
We both were waiting for V and H to come but as usual they had there reasons for coming late.
While I and V were waiting for everyone I sent a message to P abusing him for no reasons and didn’t told him that I’m also coming to JNU campus with them. That Abusive fight over the messages was fun .Then we reached JNU campus,The first thing everyone said after entering into JNU was “Is this a campus or a forest”.
The whole campus was built around kind-of-forest.
Rocks,tress, everything seemed like some remote area of the city. We all liked the campus a lot everything there was unique and it hardly looked like a campus ,While this we all were wondering how students used to mange at night roaming in this campus.
When It came to filling forms We found that Vi was all ready with his form and went ahead to drop it in the box. Where as H was still filling up the form, Vr was ready with her form and so was P but when we checked P form we found that he filled it with blue pen instead of black and by the time P could get himself a new form Vr and VS went into a ‘fight’ for chocolate due to which Vr’s form was teared off, Now she also had to get new form and fill it again .
By this time I was damn hungry but nobody cared about me and didn’t got me anything to eat …:(
Later when all got there form work done except P we all moved towards canteen (Which I located already 🙂 ) to grab something to eat. I had my share of ‘Good Food’ from everyone’s plate and then after sometime we moved in into another food zone there and filled our tummy’s again.
After sitting there for some time we all finally moved out of campus.
On the way Vr and P had there share for fight for an ice-cream and
believe me that too on a red light.
As we reached metro station and were about to board the metro Vi said “Lets go to next station we’ll be able to land a seat” and so did everybody else then me.
I said that “There is no point we will not get any seat”.
But then as it is said majority wins we boarded the metro opposite to our destination and after a long Friendly argument between me and everyone else we got down and Quatab Minar Metro station and then went into metro towards our destination and again we didn’t got any seats thanks to everyone for wasting 20 minutes.
And then we finally reached D.U. Metro station, Me and Vi walked in till our houses & bid farewell to each other.
P.S. : Above thing was not wrote by me in accordance to publish it on my blog (www.adityabhasin.in) but for my virtual Diary.
For those who don’t know this I recently started of writing a virtual diary on my laptop about my daily life experiences and things I did all across the day.
ADITYA BHASIN Plans to launch a website that will be useful to everyone and would be based on a specific subject or Idea.
For more information on that website keep visiting this blog (www.adityabhasin.in) .

2 thoughts on “11 To 7 The post that happened across Eight hrs.

  1. awesome dude..u rock..nice diary entry and u describe very nicely that hw we'd spnt our day at J.N.U…….
    keep blogging.and remind us our unforgettable days 4evr.love u.

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