Half Life Half Death

On November 27th 1973 a nurse was sexually assaulted by Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki; a ward boy at the same hospital where this nurse used to work. He was motivated by resentment for being ordered to be castigated by the same nurse.

The same night while this nurse was changing clothes, he chocked her with a wire due to which the supply of oxygen to brain was stopped resulting in cervical cord injury and partial blindness. As per examination by doctors, it was said that there was no penetration made by Walmiki; as the nurse was menstruating on that day. Reports also suggested that nurse went bleeding from anal for many days. The theory of anal sex was not brought out by police and the hospital due to further social implication which in there view may even have resulted in breaking her marriage.

Since that day this nurse named Aruna Shanbug is in a state of misery, lying in state where she nor can speak or can do anything else for last 37 yrs. On February 24th 2011 her friend and lawyer Ms. Pinki Virani filled a petition in the court of law for the mercy killing which in technical terms in known as active Euthanasia. Supreme court ofIndia denied her petition, stating that active Euthanasia can’t be allowed because it is not a law in country, where is passive Euthanasia is allowed under strict scrutiny of High Court. Under active Euthanasia a patient is killed by giving some kind of medicine or injection to end life, where as in passive Euthanasia the life support and nutrition support is removed to bring the patient into condition of death.

Right to live in our country is a fundamental right where as right to die is decided by Court in our country.

It has been observed that Aruna is now eye’s apple for most of the staff atKEMHospitaland they are taking care of her the best way they can since the incident happened. The medical fraternity is against mercy killing stating that there medical services are good enough to keep such a patient alive. They say that they would like to set up an example in the medical society across world that they have capability of handling such cases. But what I really feel is that just for mere setting up an example, not allowing somebody to get relieved from there pain is in-ethical. I, you and the doctors can only see that pain but it’s that lady who is suffering that pain for last 37 yrs. Its difficult to imagine that suffering she is going through, may be somewhere in her mind she would always be thinking that its better to die instead of living such a life and especially when you know  that there is no scope of improvement.

There is nothing left in the nurse life to live for. The only reason she is living at this time is for mere sake that everybody else than her and her friend Ms Pinki wants her to live.

I don’t think that active Euthanasia should be legalized across the country because there are things attached to it, which may bring complications like, there can fraud cases where the family demands for mercy killing just because there are lot of financial benefits they will get after the death of patient, or in other case where family says that its difficult for them to afford the cost of treatment for whole life. In this scenario where family can’t afford the medical cost, government should come in front to take care of that patient because letting somebody die just because one can’t afford the cost of living (treatment) is not justified.

God bless Aruna.


11 thoughts on “Half Life Half Death

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  2. hmt Thats y i m saying that in Aruna's case alow her Mercy Killing….we are not saying tat in every case.but still this is the time to raise our voice for her….
    so im in support ARE U???

  3. @Aditya that doesn't mean this thing can make Aruna happy becuase she cant feel anything if she can felt a single thing then absolutely ill surely against this mercy killing for aruna and for sure Aruna too wants to live because there are so much people around her who cares for her…. but in this case no one can change my mind n i m in support…cauz different ppl different views.n m in support.

  4. @Vrinda
    You are correct n ur part dear but I'm quite sure the dedication of staff is quite different for aruna..I read somewhere tat hospital staff start there day after touching aruna's feet every morning .

    There dedication is heart touching

  5. I agred with you aditya but the thing is that the pain of nurses is nthng in front of Aruna's pain… because she is suffering from the disease and as such u r also knw that she cant eat even move a bit.but nurses can..and from last 37years she is going through with it nurses not.i appreciated that they serve her with dignity and full of dedication and dont want to let her go.but its their job which they are doing and with evry patient they r doing the same and nthng else..

  6. @ All my readers and those who posted there comments

    Thanks for appreciating this post.

    Like some of you I too believe that court should look into all aspects but the pain of the nurse is also not something tat can be ignored

  7. Like your post!
    I absolutely agree with lovely vrinda sharma… mercy killing should be allowed….living such a life just because your country's law don't permit you to die is absolutely unfair.

    “Right to live in our country is a fundamental right where as right to die is decided by Court in our country” … very nice and a very controversial thought! … I believe that the right to die should be decided by the individual's choice!

    The most important thing to work over is the pace of this f*cking jugdements in our Indian constitution.

    God bless Aruna!!

  8. The verdict is out and SC has turned down the plea. The court should look in to all aspect of any misuse by any one before granting permission for mercy killing, what's wrong?

  9. yaar what should i say..
    it is not a matter where one should be allowed to die or should live..
    the matter is in which condition the person is…
    after reading your blog.. i am in a confused state of mind…

  10. Hey Aditya…..Lyk ur Post or
    if u leave it on me den i said it should be aloud but to ths ppl who really need this. Like aruna is Because she is go through with such a circumstance in which she is not in the stage of dead or alive.
    If government passed this rule then they must check or esquired that the person who is demanding this , in which circumstances by knowing all the factors govt. allowed this or then just dismissed the case. Because the person who is dealing with this situation can only knws his/her pain no one other can understand this we can just pretend or can say that he/she is going through with it
    n Same here God Bless Aruna.

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