That thing called Dream…!


Its 2 in the morning and I haven’t been to bed yet, My usual time these days to go to sleep is 11 PM but in last 3 Hrs I was only thinking about some project, I wish to launch soon everything I was thinking about was the concept, money, advertisement, networking, content, design and other important aspects attached to the project.
Though at this stage I should be more concerned about my studies but the idea of this project is not going off my brains ,Only thing I’m thinking about is ‘THIS PROJECT’ ,How will I start and so on…
Since I was in class 8th I had a idea of starting a website called n***s4*.com which will bring everything on world wide web on single website but that’s an idea not suitable technically for somebody like me who nor has that kind of money to invest, nor people to hire but my this project which I plans to start is something I really want to do this time.
This will not be a personal blog or a personal website but something beyond ‘personal’ at this time I can’t rather don’t want to disclose what kind of website it will be but yes it would be something that will be of use to everyone .
I would be starting working on this website as soon as I get over with my exams ,I would be working on this project kind of professionally ,I’m also planning to start my own company under which I would launch the website.
Only thing I’m concerned about is my nature of losing interest in my own idea as time passes .This time I really don’t want that to happen ,I want my enthusiasm level  at the same level till the time I launch that website and after that as well.
Wish Me Luck.

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