Patiala House Film Review

I Speak-Aditya Bhasin rating “ three out of five”

Just got back after watching Patiala House that too in a single screen theaters and with family after such a long time and the first thing that I’m doing is to write this post though this is the time I’m usually in my dream world (0021 HRS) but for you guys & for myself I have to do this now.

The protagonist in the movie is Bau Ji (Rishi kapoor) and Gitto (Akshay Kumar) They along with there BIG family lives in south hall;which is the hub of Asians in United Kingdom Nobody in the family dares to go beyond Bau Ji and are bound to listen him and do as he says and so does Gitto who is an aspiring fast bowler and gets a chance to get into England cricket team at age of 17 but his bau ji denies this opportunity and declares that “My son will not play for england”.
Bau ji though lives in London but he hates English people to the full extent which is because of many racist incidence he faced during his young days & the killing of his close friend advocate Sahani(Prem chopra)  thus this becomes the reason of Bau ji not letting anybody in the family including Gittto to choose any career which is somewhere connected to English people.

Gitto at age of 34 Gets another opportunity to play for England when a selector notice his talent but here again Gitto denies to play for england because he thinks if he will play for England his Bau ji will die ,here comes Simran(Anuska sharma) who motivates him to play and achieve his dreams and help his family members to achieve there dreams through him.


There is no doubt that Rishi kapoor plays brilliant in his role and his dialog  delivery is just perfect.For akshay this was a come back movie especially after so many flops in a row His hard work is visible in movie and undoubtedly he did well all across the movie.
Anushka was OK in her character and did looked beautiful.

Final Call:-

Its a must watch for anybody who wants to see the magic of Rishi kapoor again on screen, Akshay’s performance is something to look out in this movie .

For viewers like me and you who go to watch a movie for entertainment may get a little set back because of the slow-moving screenplay and for those who are going with family no doubt they will not need to be shy in anyways after movie.

The whole move was good to watch for once and doesn’t have much to bring you back to cinema once again .The passion of cricket showed in movie was real and will keep the viewers sticked to there seats.

Request to the readers
This is for the first time I’m writing a review for movie please do leave your comments about this post and let me know how can I improve myself for writing movie reviews.

4 thoughts on “Patiala House Film Review

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  2. Nice bro……………..
    keep it up …………..n
    thnxx 4 d review………:)

    This comment was originally posted on facebook

  3. Hey Aditya,

    U actually made things so much clear now. I was in a fix in terms of watching this movie but guess will surely go and watch it now.

    Your review of the movie was pretty good.

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