A Journey beyond Limits

Its 10.30 in Night, I’m standing in my balcony with Pen and a paper for last five minutes. I was only looking at moon rather a half moon.

It went un-visible due to clouds passing by it. Next moment I was looking at the vehicles moving down on the roads, Most of them trucks, Few cars, one Audi, 3 Guys talking among themselves ,one rag picker, one cow and the ‘life’.

Life went on moving, without giving a look at me, everyone from trucks to cow moved ahead without giving this thing a thought that somebody, somewhere is looking at them.

Its 10:50 now, I’m now on the same road, walking with my pen and a paper, looking at the dark yet ‘life’ bright street, trying to figure out what Journey my life is on….

In front of me everyone is moving fast to reach their destination early…This running phase of their life made me think once again What journey my life is on.

For a moment

I stopped;

Found myself place to sit;

Closed my eyes;

Kept my pen and paper aside;

And went ahead to imagine;

A journey beyond limits

A journey where

I See…Limits;



…Good and bad luck;

…Poor people;

…Traffic jams;




…Black Money;

…Un-cleaned roads;

…Bad politicians;

…Irresponsible media;

….Saas bahu serials;


…Bad humans;

And then I opened my eyes and found that this was the end of the road and when I looked at the other side of road what I saw was…

Everyone including me is…..

…Moving ahead to achieve their biggest dreams;

…Doing things in a manner they wish to do;

…Selection in schools, colleges, Govt Jobs on basis of merit not caste or religion;

…Starting a new business without checking nakshatras;

…Falling in exams and telling themselves “I knew it already I didn’t study at all It’s my call, Luck doesn’t matter”;

…Earning themselves a good life and at least 2 times meal;

…Cars, Bikes and offcource trucks moving on towards their journey smoothly;

….Food, diesel, petrol, Onion on prices within the buying capacity of everyone;

….Every Govt employee doing His/Her duty to best of their ability;

….No 2G Scams, No Neera Radia Scams;

…Each and every penny in country to be white money thus no tax thief’s;

…Roads across the country as clean as one selves own houses;

…Well educated, young politicians;

…Motivational and happy news reports;

…Educational and message containing TV Serials;

…High rate of living and nobody dieing due to illness;

And finally

Good Human’s, Working together to make their dreams come true, making country a developed nation, with a single Goal of progress.

P.S. It was after reading the post  ‘BOOK’ from my friend’s blog www.sweetheartminx.blogspot.com  I got motivated towards writing this post and A Very Special thanks to Pramod Singh Negi for Encouraging me  to write this post(www.pramodsingh1989.blogspot.com)

Your opinion, feedback, review is welcome, Please feel free to post it into comment Box.

Your comments will surely help me improve.



17 thoughts on “A Journey beyond Limits

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  2. @Smriti Thanks sweetie for so many compliments I'm not sure whether my blog deserve them or not,And special thanks for being my constant feedback reader.

    @Kritika I expect same dear, Writing a blog is ok but turning it into action is where real battle begins.

    @Nitin Bro you mentioned a very important aspect of everyone's life and thats environment,We all often ignores what nature has given us.

    @Meenakshi Thanks dear I don't know whether its best ever but yes I accept that there something more then me in this blog and anyways special thanks goes to your post 'book' which made me write this.

    @Anchal Thanks sister I welcome your comments

  3. Hey, I must say it was a beautiful post… and I believe best ever. Very very nice.. a real thought. A new blog which is really new!! It is inspiring… and this is something which is saying to me that u r becoming more than yourself! Best ever!!

  4. gud blog budy…as an artist pt of view ..smthng is still mising..it cud be. . our nature.. widout which our world is incmplete.. widout which we cant even breath..which is destroyed by ourself by our own selfishnss.. our selfish behaviour to satisfy our wants.. widout unrstanding wats d result is..!! dont u thnk its d reality ?? our selfish behaviour..?? to complete our wants..every one is on hurdle to acomplish his\her wish… lyk i do .. daily.. painting on d sheet of papr.. to feel me betr.. whenevr i want.. playing on computer ..whenever i want.. watching t.v.. whenevr i want… y it hapns..??? .. y it happns 2 us ?? y r we selfish .???? .. cud dis be end soon… or its d end of dis beautiful world !!!…

  5. its gud u r thinkng something new,sumthing we all want our country 2 be.bt these words soon should
    b converted into actions after all our INDIA is what we youths are…

  6. It ws as bful as a nature can b… it is lovly dn d love of ds wrld it is geniune as a God…dse r my wrds dedicated 2ds blog…ds s smthng i found totaly amazing..for me it is tuf 2gt motivated bt ds s smthng wich i can read a lot more tyms in up down tym of life…ds s ''MY TYPE OF BLOG''…I'l copy it wil paste it in my autobiography…it s 'PURE DAN PURE'.. i love ds i love ds mre dn anythng else of my lyf…. ''ths s d best blog of Aditya bhasin'' coz i lv 2read dse kind of imaginatns nd thoughts where a persn express hmslf 2 d edge of hs heart…

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