W.N.S. ki Maggi

 “Good morning This is Aditya Bhasin
calling you from [Client Name] Regarding an
important Research that we’re conducting
across United Kingdom this weekend”
This was the call opening I used to give
while working at WNS as a Research
Consultant and believe you me I’m really
missing this now. At present I’m not
working with them but the fun I had in
that job was super nice.
Everything there was full of fun ,I mean
what more one can expect from a Job where
You have a Team coach like sushobhit who
was always up to make the floor atmosphere
cool,no tensions,no pressure,work-n-fun was
his idea,and like me Most of us liked it, &
yes He was quite aggressive sometime but
very next minute he was again “our
sush”same cool attitude,fun to be around,
and yes a good human being.
Things we did there was something everyone
would want in a job especially it was a
Saturday,Sunday job we used to rest whole
week and work on weekends , I miss those
time when we used to run around office to
catch up with our brake timings,That
midnight maggi,Those coffee breaks,Dinner at
‘tau ka thaba’,Omelet across the road(&
I remember once when I and shobhit(my
friend from W.N.S.)called up shusobhit to
ask him whether he wants a omelet ;We did
this just to get some extended break but we
were unsuccessful).
It happened once when 5-6 of us were dialing
from a different floor Samir(another
friend) called up Anthony(our ex
consultant) from land line phone and told
him that he is calling from a police
station and there is a FIR against him and
screwed Anthony bad and later told him that
he is calling him from FM station and he
has won a I-Pod !
And then after a long shift I used to take
someone or else along and have race with
him in basement while waiting for cab to
move.It happened once when I signed the cab
boarding list for all employees and was
caught by transport manager only I and
Anthony and may be shobhit too know what was
my situation like at that time transport
manager said “park the car aside ,It will
not move till one confesses who did
this”but thanks that thing ended up soon
and we moved toward our houses.
Last thing that I can count about my
experience at W.N.S. Was NH 8 Those January
cold breeze and fog I used to love that, I
sometime even took my face out of car
window and used to feel that breeze, that
was really awesome.

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