BJP ‘s big fat indian marrige

 In a country where most of the people doesn’t get 2 time meals in a day ,proper shelters to live here comes another big fat Indian marriage and the irony is that the marriage is in a state where a region called ‘vidharba’ have seen end less deaths of farmers due to burden of heavy loans Near this region another state called Nagpur where a big fat marriage recently held followed by reception on yet another grand scale, this comes from the house of Indian’s political party president ,His party’s big members say that ‘Party workers should must celebrate things in a small celebration with less money been spent’ In simple words the celebration for anything should be done on small scale but ignoring the words of big leader Mr Niting Gadkari went ahead to bring his son’s marriage on front page and biggest ever in Nagpur.
The celebration will last for 4 days including reception , It is expected that around 15000 people will be attending reception on Friday & 2lakh party workers on reception to be held on Saturday ,around 2500 close family members attended marriage.Among guest attending reception there are big leaders from different political parties and BJP also some business and bollywood personalities.
It is expected that All the hotels, guest houses, hostels, lodges and other private residence have been booked for the four-day gala wedding, several scores of luxurious vehicles have also been hired to ferry the guests to and fro
This marriage is considered to be the biggest and most expensive in recent time and especially in Nagpur
It is expected that only the cards costed Rs One crore the list of heavy expenses is followed like this
Per Plate cost on marriage =Rs 2000(App.)
2500 people attended marriage that equals to Rs 5000000Just on food
Per plate cost on reception to be held on Friday = Rs 2000(App.)
15000 People will be attending reception that equals to Rs 18000000
Per plate cost on reception to be held on Saturday= Rs 500(App.)
Lakh party workers are expected to attend that equals to=Rs 100000000
The flower arrangement costs app.. Rs 10 Lakh
The venue Rajwada place is itself among top most expensive places in Nagpur which app. costs 15 Lakh
Airbus 320 would be flying in-out to fly big leaders from Delhi to Nagpur for which Cost would be in crores
Many charted planes have been deployed to fly state politicians to Nagpur again bringing the bills in crores
State police is deployed in order to maintain security and traffic in state which brings heavy cost on govt budgets.
And list of expenses is countless
Whole point I want to make here is that its the president of a national political party who’s spending such a big amount on his son’s marriage It would be have been a benchmark if Gadkari would have restricted himself to a marriage but not with such high expenses I’m sure if he would have done other way the whole image of him personally and BJP as a party would be changed because then people like me would have been writing here a blog post titled ‘Gadkari’s son marriage was common people affair’.If he had married his son the ‘common people way’ I’m sure the prospective of people across the country would have been that yes now we have a political party president who is like us and doesn’t show his power and riches everywhere.
For other leaders be it from BJP or congress or another political party my message is “Do celebrate the occasions best way you can but do think once… half the India is hungry”

10 thoughts on “BJP ‘s big fat indian marrige

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  2. @Vikram I never said tat once should not celebrate there happiness ,One must do that but with this post I wanted to ask a question “From where does so much money comes from?” and “If Big leaders from BJP keep on telling that party workers should celebrate events in sober manner then why such big feast” …!

    I'm not against inviting the 'big' family to marrige but was it worth to make such a high expense on wedding especially when u r president of national political party if gadkari would have went ahead and celebrated the marrige in a sober manner I'm sure across the country citezans would have been more delighted tat we do have a politician who doesn't show his riches all over .

    The irony of this marriage was the region vidharba very near to nagpur every year hundreds of farmers choose to suicide because they don't have enough money to feed there families.

    Its not tat there should'nt be any food to be served in front of guest but the level of bills that food delight brings is the matter of question.

    Been president of BJP and mind it not a BIG BUSINESSMEN or industrialist how can he afford to spend SO MUCH …a BMW in gift,a house worth 6-8 crore… hiring A320,chartered plains ,more then 1 lakh invitation cards ,2000Rs each dinner plate… hotel rents and many other expenses…! I'm quite sure the total bill comes up to some where around 25-35 crore

  3. So you in your family function you people who are commenting on that do not like to invite family members, relatives and friends.
    Writing in good english is fine. But talk to your father and tell him not to call family members in function.
    BJP is the largest family in the India. Thats why so much of gathering was there.
    As far as expenses is concern. If you celebrate any function call you friends and relatives in function and when they reach at your venue tell them you can not give them a good food as there is larger number of hungry people in world so i can not give you food.
    And see their reaction.

    Its a matter of family, person sitting in metros with small family can not understand.

  4. seriously it was revealing……. these rich and politicians people seems to get blind on their own celebrations….. but the reality also strikes among us. it's a shame that we(humans) as a part of the most civilized community is uncivilized…. i know i am being cynic….but sometimes i find it reality…

  5. All the Politicians who paid there visit on this marriage are also corrupt.
    Its a matter of shame for BJP.
    How could he be the president of BJP, he must be immediately sacked.
    Nice Writeup.

  6. Your blog shows that u cant only give literary review but have also have the capability to review on the current affairs.
    Your this post act a common man voice. I could see the anger and courage in your words. I wish these richies could have the approach of common people's perception!
    Bless you, my voice is with you!!

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