Person who sacrifice most…!

We all have sacrificed lot of times. Some did it for themselves, some for friends, and some for boy (girl) friends. Some did it for parents and the list continues. Few days back sitting in my room, I was thinking that who in this world sacrifices most, or say has an ability to sacrifice utmost if time demands.

I kept on thinking about same for a long time. I thought about lot of things and finally after taking lot of examples in consideration, the answer to ‘Who Sacrifices most?’ was up there in my mind.

And it was Women.

People who are suffering from even a little of Male chauvinism, may find this to be a very feminist approach. But for me this is something, I strongly agree to.

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Below mentioned is the list of reasons, why I think a woman sacrifices most, all across her life, in all stages of life & age.

1)           When a girl is born, she sacrifices, for the fact that she is a girl. Lot of people, not only in villages but in Metropolitan and newly called Cosmopolitan cities treat them to be a curse…She sacrifices…!

2)           When there is just a little celebration (and sometime not even that) on girls first Birthday. Whereas, there is big time celebration on First Deepwali, lohri, Dussera and many other festivals for the baby boy in same family. She again sacrifices …!

3)           When, she gets into ‘some’public school and boy in the family goes to ‘SOME’ big name school.  The reason because the family thinks that “Girl has to go to some other house; after all and boy has to take care of family”. She again sacrifices…!

4)           When she turns 18 & the school trip goes to Mumbai, her parents tell her that “You’re a kid you can’t go”. And when her brother aged 17, fly’s toBangkokon a school trip. She again sacrifices.

5)           When every month, she is asked not to visit temples and is considered un-pure for some days. She again sacrifices…!

6)           When after school, she is asked to take admission in some arts or commerce college. Whereas her brother studies at IIT or some other engineering college. After all she has to go to some other house (pun intended). She again sacrifices…!

7)           When she is about to get married, she is treated as a display item on some high street shop. She again sacrifices…!

8)           When she gets married, she leaves her parents home, to live her rest of life with another family (Read strangers). She again sacrifices…!

9)           When after marriage, she has to drop her surname and is asked to take up another surname. She again sacrifices…!

10)   When after marriage, she is asked not to work and be a homely wife. She again sacrifices…!

11)   When (if) her husband dies at young age, she is considered to be a curse on family. And is accused of killing her husband. She again sacrifices…!

12)   When being a widow, she is asked not to remarry. She again sacrifices…!

13)   When at some stage in her life, she tells her children to play an old song of Mukesh Kumar. And in return her children tell her; “not now mom”. She again sacrifices…!

14)   When her husband comes back home from office, she ask him to take her out. And he refuses. She again sacrifices…!

15)   When in chilling weather, she is asked to get tea for her husband. Whereas her husband continues to enjoy the coziness of his blanket. She again sacrifices…!

16)   And this continues. And all she does is Sacrifice… Sacrifice and Sacrifice

This thing continues all her life…She sacrifice…She sacrifices…She sacrifices….!

P.S. This post doesn’t blame any individual in any manner whatsoever. The views mentioned are of author himself and may not have acceptance, from other section of society. If anything in this post is found to be un-acceptable. Author demands apologies.


32 thoughts on “Person who sacrifice most…!

  1. AD… beautifully written… I absolutely love your blog , the topics you choose and of course hats off to your excellent creative writing skills, …. with a pat on the back- keep it up mate!
    I eagerly will wait for the day your first book gets published! 🙂 and hope it does soon!!

  2. nice to read your blog and your point of view…
    its not that they want to sacrifice, but it has been inherited to them since their childhood.
    and when they try to be Rebellious, they again Sacrifice.

    this is the plight of the Women in our society.. not only ours but also the whole world..
    in many Mythological books 2, you might have read the role of the women and how they are represented to the readers(Dont wanna name the books).
    Its quite a shame that the society treats a women in such a manner..

  3. Superlike dude….!!!!!!AWESOME…!!!!
    i agree with all these sacrifices that a girl has to make..!!!!

    This comment was originally posted on facebook(04 December 2010 at 22:22)

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