A 3G Dream

Today the day started on a normal note nothing special to do or lined up but there was one thing I was super exited about and that was my 3G connection that was supposed to reach me today along with me 3G enabled phone I was waiting for this day for a long time now because It had been long time I’ve been working on a just another broadband connection with some KBPS speed that also fluctuating quite often and on my phone GPRS it was OK to surf internet, Using social networks on that speed  was  fine but the to have  a real experience I wanted something better and the answer was 3G technology I read a lot about it ,heard about it from my brother living in UK  & was waiting for it to reach India and today was the day it finally reached me  A day where the Generation next is going to experience  THIRD GENERATION OF Internet  TATA DOCOMO launched its services today  I collected my handset and 3G connection from my nearest TATA DOCOMO centre started using it from the minute I received it Even before I could step out of the showroom First thing I did was logged into my twitter account and tweeted “Just got my TATA DOCOMO 3G connection thanks to @tatadocomo”  Believe you me this first experience of 3G was WOW….. till now i used to think that my Phone GPRS was quite OK to keep myself updated on social networks but now it was word ‘worst’ I think best suited for my GPRS it took my less then 20 Seconds to tweet and then logout the speed was Awesome I stepped out of showroom clicked a photograph of TATA DOCOMO logo and instantly shared that Photo all across Facebook,Twitter,flicker it was a game I played and won in just some seconds I was already flying with my 3G internet , While on my way back to home I choose to walk and explore more features of my 3G connection Quickly I downloaded some apps from the app store It took me just some minutes to download almost 22 apps ranging from music to youtube ,twitter to myspace ,flicker to facebook.

Walking ahead towards back home I thought to listen to some music and before my thoughts could get over It was “Slim Shaddy ” playing on my Phone No pauses in between , I was enjoying the song like anything this was the first time in my life that I was listening to a song live on internet that too on my phone the voice quality was too good especially keeping that fact that  this was on phone working on TATA DOCOMO 3G connection. As I was walking down the lane towards home I found new model of Beetal car in a showroom and all I did was Gave a call to me Bro in UK and told him to wait for a second and while that time I connected him on video call and started sharing my experience of 3G as well as the Beetal with him He was also quite happy and exited to know India is finally working on 3G technology He also told me that in future whenever there going to be some celebration here in UK I will stream live videos  so that You can also enjoy the fun over your phone sitting in comfort of your home and you should also do the same whenever there is some exiting things going there in India .

As I reached home and told my Mom about my 3G Connection she was like ‘What’s This?’ and I asked her simple question “Mom do you think you could watch a live video on mobile” Her answer was “no” and what I did was went to YouTube searched for clip of Ramayan and played the video As I could see it took ‘No seconds ’ for video to buffer It was played in a crisp moment and somewhere in my mind I was just telling myself ‘3G You’re Great and after video Mom was like “This is nice aditya Good you got this ”’.

Then I transferred a 54 MB Video  from my laptop to my phone so that I could upload that video to youtube I soon as a started unloading the video  it was kind of some eye blinks only and the video was uploaded I think appx. it took 55 Seconds only to upload that video This was real amazing  by the evening I started a Live video streaming on  my friends laptop showing him my new laptop which I got just few days back after he had the same thing to say “Adi This is too cool Man…No Pauses nothing this is fantastic I’m also going to get a 3G Connection soon”

Later when I was sitting in my room and was just relaxing I thought to try Live TV so i turned to My 3G Phone again and switched to live match going between India and Pakistan The live TV video was clear as crystal, And Then I also used my 3G connection to test its Email Abilities and tried attaching a heavy attachment and this was done in just some seconds only .

By the evening time  I also played a 3D game on my phone again a un-believable experience.

By the time  i was about to go to bed What I did was write my blog entry for the day and post in to my blog from my phone itself that took hardly less 10 seconds to get the post published …!

And suddenly I could her my phone remainder   “College” And I got off my bed and realized this was a dream and it still 2days to go for TATA DOCOMO to launch there services.

Wait for a world class experience is ON…..



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