9 to 6 … A post tat happened across 9 Hrs-

Blog Nine

Fantastic day, good sports, Lots of fun & food

Today we all went for CWG Rugby match atUniversityofDelhistadium, a stadium which was built in last 18 months only. I could say this because when me and my friends took admission in college just opposite the land (now stadium). It was just a piece of barren land and was usually used to play cricket, but, now the stadium is worth a watch. It has changed completely and looks beautiful.

There were more than 25 matches today for Rugby out of whichIndiawas supposed to play 3 matches on different intervals with different countries. One thing that was new to me was that rugby matches are only for 15 minutes.

We all were suppose to meet at Delhi university metro station at 8:30 AM, by 10 AM we all were able to locate our seats and just then found a guy from NZ (as Minx and Raj told me). He was shouting “Bharat Maa Ki Jai”.

Watching a rugby match was a great experience and watchingIndiaplaying rugby match was a funny experience. I mean sorry to say but Indian team was hardly able to do anything, but, we all were cheering for Indian as well as other teams with full zeal and enthusiasm.

The most interesting part about this day was drinking coke (I’m making a guess, but, I think I almost had 1.5liters of coke today). While we grabbed our first lot of coke there was a competition between me and Himansu, that who will drink one full bottle of coke in one sip- we took the challenge.



                                                          ROUND THREE:

As I started drinking my coke all the fizz collected in my mouth and within some seconds I lost the game and was not able to drink that coke in one sip.

No matter will try again next time again 🙂

AfterRugbywe went to Kamla Nagar to grab something to eat AGAIN! And the fun part here was that I, Minx and Raj went there on a Vodafone battery rickshaw they were real cool and coasted only Rs 10 each.


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2 thoughts on “9 to 6 … A post tat happened across 9 Hrs-

  1. “And when I came back home I again had a glass of coke .”
    lolzzz…. u love coke, dnt u??
    by the way it reminded me about the entire event…. love to see u jotting down all the things happen around u…. bless you…
    Nice post… byee!!

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